Daily Archives: July 13, 2009

City Strategy to Reduce Cigarette Butt

This summer, the City is helping Edmonton smokers reduce their ecological footprint by properly disposing of their cigarette butts.

Cigarette litter prevention program focusing on Downtown Topeka

Indian tribes levying cigarette tax

DoD Considers Banning Tobacco. Let the Troops Smoke.

They put themselves in harm’s way with little complaint. If they have the right to put themselves in front of an enemy Kalashnikov, then surely U.S. soldiers have the right to put a lit cigarette into their mouths.

20% VAT on tobacco products

New Wisconsin tobacco tax steams smokers

Pat Kersten is tired of paying the price for smoking cigarettes.

Richmond tightens smoking rules

Richmond will ban smoking in apartments and condominiums in addition to public places, making the city the toughest place in the Bay Area to light up.

West County firefighters put out the smoke