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Development of a measure for state economic dependence on tobacco

Tobacco has played an important role in the economy of the United States since the colonial era. American Indians presented Christopher Columbus with gifts of tobacco upon his arrival in 1492, and he introduced tobacco to Europe upon his return there. As demand rose in Europe, tobacco became the most important American agricultural export of the late eighteenth century.
High tobacco tariffs in England helped lead to the American Revolutionary War. Subsequently, the tobacco industry contributed significantly to the economic growth of the United States through much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Although the consumption of tobacco products has declined in recent years, tobacco growing and manufacturing continue to be important parts of several state economies, with a potential impact on the implementation of upstream, policy-based tobacco control interventions in these states. Evidence such as the following suggests that the economic importance of tobacco plays a key role in shaping state tobacco control policies and activities, social norms about tobacco use, and, consequently, tobacco use itself:
■ As of January 1, 2004, the four states with the lowest cigarette excise taxes per pack were Virginia (2.5¢), Kentucky (3¢), North Carolina (5¢), and South Carolina (7¢), all among the top tobacco-growing states. Since then, Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina have all significantly increased their cigarette excise taxes, while South Carolina still ranks among the lowest.
■ The average cigarette excise tax in the six leading tobacco-growing states (Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia) is currently 25.7¢ per pack, while the average in non–tobaccogrowing states is 100.5¢ per pack. The overall average excise tax for all states as of February 2006 is 91.7¢.
■ The strength of state clean indoor air laws in non–tobacco-growing states was nearly five times that in the six leading tobacco-growing states, as measured by a comprehensive index that accounts for state preemption in 1999.

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Accenture has signed a five-year application co-sourcing contract with British American Tobacco to help the company improve the design, development and implementation of information technology (IT) solutions for its business operations. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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