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Swedish Match: Sales and results

Sales and results for the second quarter

Pentagon OKs tobacco in combat

Everyone knows that we all would be better off if no one smoked. It would prevent a lot of premature deaths and save a lot of money on medical and insurance bills. And it’s nice to enjoy a nice piece of salmon in a good restaurant without having to inhale someone’s second-hand smoke.

Turkey readies for smoking ban

Cayuga Indians move to get cigarettes back

Tobacco growers wary of FDA ruling

“The FDA mandate could damage our growers’ ability to service the export market. U.S. production that is destined for export should accommodate the needs of the export customer instead of those of the FDA.”

Outsiders not immune to troubling use of chewing tobacco

Is a society with smokers profitable?

The latest rise in the indirect taxation on tobacco and alcohol took place in June. The most popular brand of cigarettes went up in price from 3.10 euros to 3.30 euros per packet. Are these taxes a form of dissuasion or a way of compensating the rest of society for the harm generated by those who smoke? A study by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena has looked into the most significant questions concerning the tobacco economy. Credit: SINC

OPAP agents strike, say smoking ban hitting sales

ATHENS, - Agents for Greek betting firm OPAP (OPAr.AT), Europe’s biggest, went on strike on Thursday over a tax on winnings and said a new smoking ban in public places in Greece had added to a fall in sales.

Tobacco lawsuit freezes $258 million in state budget