Daily Archives: August 3, 2009

Opponents of smoking ban gain a delay

South Dakota’s statewide ban on smoking is headed to a courtroom - probably within a month - as bar and gaming facility owners successfully won a stay Monday in Hughes County Circuit Court.

Smoking bans, taxes burn cigar makers

MIAMI — On a typically hot afternoon in his South Florida office, Jorge Padron casually puffs on a cigar that bears his family’s name. The company has been growing steadily for decades, ever since his father, Jose Padron, founded it in Little Havana in 1964.

Smoking spirit of ‘Steady Eddie’ George

LONDON - One of the most famous comments in central banking came from William McChesney Martin, Federal Reserve chairman in the 1950s and 1960s, who remarked with black humor that the Fed’s job is “to take away the punch bowl just as the party gets going.”

Analysis Finds Toxic Substances in Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes contain traces of toxic substances and carcinogens, according to a preliminary analysis of the products by the Food and Drug Administration.

Tobacco festival in Conway teaches farm life

For some, the Tobacco Heritage Festival on the L.W. Paul Living History Farm near Conway Saturday was a reminder of the lives they once lived. For others, it was a first look into what farm life was like around the 1950s.

Japan’s tobacco habit runs into court challenge

YOKOHAMA, Japan — One plaintiff is a cancer patient. Another is represented by his widow. The third, has emphysema and rolls into the courtroom on a wheelchair with tubes trailing out of his nose. The three Japanese are waging a minnow-vs.-whale battle against Big Tobacco in one of the world’s most smoker-friendly countries. But precedent suggests they’re likely to lose, and they hope their suit will at least draw attention to the dangers of smoking.

Limbaugh, others short on smoking ban facts