Daily Archives: August 6, 2009

Chinese kids picking up smoking

More adolescents are puffing in Beijing, with the number of teens attending high schools and taking up cigarettes increased by more than 50 percent in comparison with previous years, according to a research by Peking University scientists.

FDA imposes regulations on electronic cigarettes

Since Ohio’s statewide smoking ban went into effect in December 2006, making it illegal to smoke tobacco products in bars, restaurants and most other enclosed workspaces, smokers have been forced to keep their habit in check — or at least make it more discreet.

Obama’s Healthcare Prescription

Kids, smoking, movies, & sports

Art Linkletter knew: kids say the darndest things. They also do the darndest things, and, all-too-often, imitate the darndest things. And that’s not always a good thing, especially when it comes to smoking.

Cook County to ban smoking on all hospital grounds

Cook County government’s medical system will ban smoking entirely at all its hospitals and clinics in November, stubbing out outdoor smoking on its properties, officials said Wednesday.

Cigarette boxes to display pictures of smoking’s ill effects

Coming soon to the lives of American smokers: cigarette labels that go far beyond a simple warning.

Electronic cigarette makers seek to keep devices out of the FDA’s control

Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco or tar, but a South Florida company is fighting for its high-tech substitutes to be identified as tobacco products.