Daily Archives: August 13, 2009

Richmond approves strictest anti-smoking ordinance in California

Richmond City Council voted to adopt the amendment to city indoor smoking ordinance in order to include residential complexes and condominiums to the list of public places where smoking is prohibited. After implementation of this amendment Richmond would become home to the most rigorous anti-smoking legislations in the state.

First District voices health concerns about e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are available in the Minot community and raising some concerns.

NOTL winery using tobacco technology to make wine

Giant kilns once used to dry out tobacco leaves are the new winemaking tools of choice at a Niagara-on-the-Lake winery.

Nigeria: Fast Track the Tobacco Control Bill

Abuja — The Senate’s decision to commence public hearing last week on the Nigeria National Tobacco Control (NNTC ) bill, which is aimed at domesticating the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control ( FCTC ) has once again brought to the fore the debate on the societal cost of tobacco production and consumption in Nigeria. Nigeria ratified the FCTC treaty in 2005, but little is being done to regulate tobacco production and consumption in the country.

Report urges timeline for tobacco-free military

WASHINGTON — The military has come a long way from the time when it packaged cigarettes in with rations, but more must be done, according to an Institute of Medicine report.

Tax law on alcohol and tobacco products in Philippines

MANILA, - Philippine lawmakers are examining proposals to amend an excise tax law on alcohol and tobacco products to generate at least 20 billion pesos ($420 million) more per year and ease pressure on the budget deficit.

Tobacco Can Do You Some Good

NEW YORK - Charles Norton, manager of the Vice Fund(VICEX Quote), says tobacco stocks are among the best buys because demand has stayed strong despite the recession.
The mutual fund has risen 7.5% this year, trailing the S&P 500 by 5.5 percentage points. Over the past three years, the Vice Fund has returned an annual average of 3.4%, better than 91% of its rivals.

Lighting up a revenue idea

Taxing tobacco is cowardly. When politicians do it, they mostly hit the poor and the powerless.

State to appeal tobacco ruling

COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland says the state will appeal a county judge’s decision barring the use of tobacco foundation funds to help balance the budget.