Daily Archives: August 18, 2009

Smoking and sex: Healthy Sex

By Dr. John Stripling

BIR steps up monitoring of cigarette production

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) plans to install electronic scanners in all cigarette factories to monitor the volume of their production and thus enable the government to collect the right amount of specific and ad valorem taxes from the manufacturers, it was learned yesterday.

Tobacco Plant Virus Spreading To Connecticut

A tobacco plant virus is spreading into Connecticut from Massachusetts, the latest malady from the chilly, sodden summer that is ruining everything from vine ripe tomatoes to early corn.

Amcor Offers $2.03 Billion for Part of Rio Packaging

Amcor LTDAmcor Ltd., Australia’s largest packaging company, offered to buy part of Rio Tinto Group’s Alcan packaging unit for $2.03 billion to become the biggest supplier of drug and healthcare packets.

Increasing tobacco taxes will put everyone at risk

The only thing needed to start a crime wave is make it difficult for addicts to satisfy their needs. Prohibiting alcohol in the 1920s or enacting dumb laws to deter drug use never have worked. They only serve to fuel a black market.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Miami, FL — Americans are becoming increasingly health conscious. They’re also more aware than ever of the vital need to do everything they can to be more green — that is, earth friendly.

Insurance-Industry Investments in Tobacco

Smokeless “E-cigarette” Makers and FDA in Court Today

CHICAGO - One state has already banned e-cigarettes, the battery-powered tobacco-free smoking tubes. This week, two distributors of the products challenge the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in federal court for confiscating product shipments from China; the FDA says they are dangerous.

Spain Is Ready For Full Smoking Ban