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Tobacco products appeal to youths

Tobacco control programs have dealt powerful blows to the U.S. tobacco industry in recent months and years, due in part to smoke-free workplace laws in 27 states (including Wisconsin, which goes into effect July 5, 2010), creating a 62-cent federal tobacco tax (which went into effect in March) and establishing FDA regulation of tobacco industry practices. Though the tide may be turning in the battle against the tobacco industry, advocates caution, the tobacco companies won’t go down without a fight.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered drug delivery machines that allow a consumer to breathe in a high dose nicotine aerosol. (See previous article “Electronic cigarettes, nicotine and antifreeze?” with research source citations in the comments section at Examiner.com/Roanoke Longevity Examiner.) No tobacco is used in the plastic machine cartridges, just pure nicotine in an artificially flavored liquid. Many scary questions have arisen about e-cigs:

First director of new Center for Tobacco Products

Complying with provisions in the recently enacted Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009, the FDA has announced the launch of its new Center for Tobacco Products.

Fewer are quitting cigarettes despite millions spent on anti-smoking services

The number of people giving up cigarettes declined last year, despite millions of pounds being invested in NHS stop smoking services.

Tobacco crop hit by cooler, rainy season

The first year of the new licensed-grower system in the Ontario tobacco industry appears to be proceeding well.

Tobacco shop will dispute claim that it’s manufacturing

BROOKLINE – Tobacco Haven isn’t a cigarette manufacturer despite claims by the state, says the attorney for the small tobacco shop in Brookline facing an unusual legal action against its use of roll-your-own cigarette machines.

New FDA facility will oversee tobacco regulation

The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday launched the Center for Tobacco Products, which aims to reduce tobacco-related illness and death in the United States.

Appeals court to weigh smoking ban enforcement

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The state’s draconian enforcement of a two-year-old smoking ban is requiring bars to exercise near total control over the actionsof customers or risk fines during an already punishing economic climate, a conservative policy organization argues in a lawsuit.

Smokers, tobacco both winners in early Engle cases

MIAMI - Fifteen years after a Miami Beach pediatrician suffering lung disease took on the tobacco giants, thousands of smokers’ lawsuits are working their way through Florida courts and early results encourage both sides.