Distributors of electronic cigarettes against FDA in Court

Oregon has already issued a landmark ordinance to prohibit sales of electronic cigarettes across the state. This week two leading vendors of those battery-operated cigarette-look alike devices are contesting the American Food and Drug Administration for detaining almost 50 shipments of their products, mainly from China. The FDA states that the devices are unhealthy and unapproved. The hearing started in federal district court on Aug, 18.

The electronic cigarettes are becoming extremely popular these days, as their distributors keep marketing them as healthy alternatives of traditional cigarettes. These devices resemble conventional cigarettes in appearance and deliver liquid containing shots of nicotine and various flavorings directly to lungs, evaporating a vapor to mimic smoking. The users of e-cigs named the process “vaping.” However, several countries, among which are Australia, Canada, Thailand and Mexico have prohibited sales and use of electronic cigarettes, whereas Oregon became the first American state to ban them.

E-cigarettes distributors keep claiming that the devices are safe for humans, but health organizations, including American Lung organization state that this allegation is highly debatable.

Kathleen Dree, vice chairman of the Upper Midwest branch of the American Lung Association said that they were concerned to hear that the FDA has examined several samples of electronic cigarettes and found out that the liquid contained in the cartridge of one sample had carcinogens and several other poisonous substances that have been inhaled by the users of the devices. The FDA even found diethyline glycol in one sample, a chemical toxic for humans and mainly used in antifreeze and household chemicals

Drea added that the findings should be regarded as preliminary, since the electronic cigarettes are relatively new and no scientist could confirm the long-term adverse effects of constant inhaling of the mixture of toxic chemicals contained in those devices.

The American Lung Association as well as other health organizations are deeply preoccupied about the constant growth of sales of the devices, especially because they had not been approved or regulated by the FDA.

The Chicago court judge will have to rule whether electronic cigarettes should be classified as tobacco-containing product or a nicotine-replacement product. If the devices would be subjected to the classification as nicotine product, then, according to the FDA they would be regarded as ordinary nicotine-replacement therapies and subject to federal scientific examinations and subsequent regulation. The distributors are seeking the court to rule that electronic cigarettes should be classified as a tobacco product and therefore regulated in a looser manner. The Association of Electronic Cigarette distributors, state that their products represent a harmless blend of nicotine and fruit flavoring.

7 responses to “Distributors of electronic cigarettes against FDA in Court

  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my electronic cigarette but I will tell you that I know that they are not advertise as a stop smoking device, it helped me stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes and I even tried to smoke a regular cigarette a while back and I just couldn’t take the taste. I hope these things are here for good!

  2. I don’t understand why the FDA makes such a fuss over these things. Cigarettes are proven to kill 1200 people a day, yet they are still being sold. I wander if Oregon has banned the sell of tobacco yet? Have you seen the flavors of liquor, they aren’t being accused of aiming at underage customers. Finally, promoting on the Howard Stern Show, I mean that’s practically porn for your ears it hardly qualifies as a youth program. Thats my rant.

  3. All those FDA findings have been proven to be misleading, and taken out of context.
    eCigarettes have changed my life and at least 3 other people around me…and it’s only been two weeks for them, a couple months for me. I will never go back to “regular” cigarettes…unless, of course, they get banned, by fucking dipshits.

  4. Quote: “Drea added that the findings should be regarded as preliminary, since the electronic cigarettes are relatively new and no scientist could confirm the long-term adverse effects of constant inhaling of the mixture of toxic chemicals contained in those devices.”

    “[M]ixture of toxic chemicals contained in those devices”??? That is a complete and utter fabrication! Even the FDA report contained info on that diethylene glycol found in only ONE cartridge sample by ONE manufacturer, and that at levels below any hazard to humans.

    If the various big and little media outlets (and the little dick-tators in government) would practice some good old fashioned journalism, the public might have a clue of what’s really going on.

    The FDA is protecting the federal (and state) tobacco tax revenue, the pharmaceutical companies are financing the stop-smoking and “public health” groups to sell their Nicotine patches and gum (with a whopping 1% to 7% success rate!!!), and the biggest tobacco company - Phillip Morris - helped pass the newest tobacco control regulations because it will stifle competition.

    You all better get used to the idea of the personal nicotine vaporizer, because we will not allow you to decide that we don’t have a right to choose a safer alternative to deadly cigarette smoke - your profits and taxes be damned!

  5. The American Lung Association as well as other health organizations are deeply preoccupied about the constant growth of sales of the devices, mainly because the organizations rely heavily on donations from the pharmaceutical companies that sell the FDA-approved smoking cessation products. The cessation rate using FDA-approved nicotine products is a dismal 10%. What other product gets away with that low rate of performance? In contrast, 79% of e-cigarette users report that they have completely replaced all the smoke they used to inhale with clean vaporized nicotine. No wonder Ms. Drea is running scared.

  6. The FDA has never released the quantitative results from their study. They simply say certain things were found in the liquids. Their refusal to release the data, or the specifics of the study are suspect at the least. Those of us who use these products have seen other studies that do list the components of the liquid, as well as any carcinogens. What has been found before is that any carcinogens found are in trace amounts hundreds if not thousands of times weaker than a traditional cigarette, if present at all. What is not present, even in trace amounts, are the hundreds of other harmful substances that result from the combustion of an organic substance such as tobacco, and the paper it is wrapped in. It is a travesty for these devices to be outlawed because they “might” be harmful. We KNOW cigarettes are harmful, yet they are legal. Do the science, and then make the decision. For those of us that have completely given up tobacco products of any kind in favor of using this device it is pure insanity to outlaw them.

    As far as marketing to minors, I know of no place that sells or encourages minors to use electronic cigarettes. In fact, they discourage ANYONE who isn’t presently using tobacco from using them.

  7. I know this is an older article, but I still had to comment.

    First, electronic “cigarettes” shouldn’t even been referred to by that name. They are NOT cigarettes. It is a VAPORIZER that uses heat from a battery and an atomizer to deliver steam-like vapor to the user. And other than some of the original vaporizers, the newer ones don’t look anything like a cigarette so the article is wrong on that count.

    Secondly, when you smoke a tobacco product, you inhale approximately 4000 chemicals. When you use a vaporizer you MIGHT get FOUR chemicals. So I’ll take 3996 less chemicals any day of the week thank you very much.

    Third, we all know what these bans and protests are really about. And it’s not HEALTH or CONCERN for the public. It’s about MONEY or rather the loss thereof to the government (tax revenues), tobacco companies and pharmaceuical companies.

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