Electronic cigarettes and vaping

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered drug delivery machines that allow a consumer to breathe in a high dose nicotine aerosol. (See previous article “Electronic cigarettes, nicotine and antifreeze?” with research source citations in the comments section at Examiner.com/Roanoke Longevity Examiner.) No tobacco is used in the plastic machine cartridges, just pure nicotine in an artificially flavored liquid. Many scary questions have arisen about e-cigs:

Just how much nicotine gets in your brain when you vape one cartridge? Without extensive animal testing this question is not answerable. Extensive animal testing has not been done on e-cigs. The amount of nicotine that you take in from e-cigs will depend on how many cartridges you suck on, how deeply you inhale, how often you partake, and to some extent, how much money you have to buy replacement cartridges. Manufacturers may make claims about the actual dose received but without pharmacological and physiological testing, the answers don’t have meaning.

Are e-cigs more addictive than tobacco cigarettes? Again, no one knows yet. The product is too new, and too few people have used it to date. A full blown epidemiology study is required.

Can e-cigs make you sick? Electronic cigarettes use nicotine extracted with petroleum-based chemicals from tobacco leaves and, as such, are artificially flavored. Nicotine is deadly when blood levels reach about 60 mg in a 150 pound male. Quick smoking of sixty tobacco cigarettes would be required to reach this level. One Roanoker, Gus T. Castros, flatlined from a heart attack after he smoked 80 cigarettes over seven and a half hours. He had accidentally reached the 60 mg toxic dose plus some. When nicotine is inhaled, it inhibits blood flow to the skin which is one reason why smokers don’t heal well after surgery or from wounds and why smokers develop loads of wrinkles. Also when nicotine is inhaled, it is converted to amino ketones which can cause kidney damage.

The most frightening aspect of electronic cigarettes is that consumers who do not seek out data and who do not think critically might be convinced by the old hackneyed ad line: “This is Safe!” This same line was shouted by physicians in the 1950’s about tobacco cigarettes before the data was in and the truth was known-decades and millions of deaths and inpatients later. We just don’t know yet, but if you want to be one of the first poor guinea pigs who reveals the dangers and illnesses associated with e-cigs feel free. Vaping is your right.

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  1. Michael McCullough

    This article came up as a top result in a google search of “vaping vs smoking” and though I haven’t started vaping yet, I have a problem with some of the logic here.

    Nicotine is fairly analogous to caffeine; fair? Both are stimulants and addictive (caffeine admittedly less addictive). They are both also toxic and deadly in large quantities.

    I can go to the drug store and buy a bottle of No-Doz or whatever caffeine pill I want. I can throw that whole bottle down my throat because I want to get “pumped up”. However, that would have horrible consequences, and I’m not going to do it. The warnings on the bottle aren’t even that obvious. Yet this stuff is main stream and over the counter.

    Citing one instance of a dumbass who smoked a ridiculous amount of cigarettes and a short amount of time hardly applies. Do you have any stories of people over-vaping? I’m sure you can find plenty of people taking too many caffeine pills.

    My point is that you can feel when you’ve had enough, unless there is something wrong with you (like you’re on meth or too drunk to stand) in which case you have lost the right to be looked after. Any sensible person would be extremely unlikely to overdose because you can feel it when you have had a bit too much, and it’s not a good feeling. The bad feeling kicks in-way before things get toxic.

  2. Here is what is in the liquid I use with my electronic cigarette,nicotine making up a small portion of the liquid, PLEASE show me where anyone is selling pure nicotine liquid for smoking with the electronic cigarettes

    •Propylene Glycol
    •Distilled water
    •Vegetable Glycerin
    •Natural and Artificial flavors

  3. To find a way for people to leave behind the habit of smoking and decrease the amount of chemicals they inhale is a step in the right direction. Granted, it’s better if you don’t vape at all, but it’s far better than inhaling the tar, chemicals and nicotine that are in regular cigarettes. Some of the liquids sold use vegetable glycerin, a harmless ingredient, along with water and nicotine. You destroy all your credibility with your scare tactics and insensitive position. vaping is a breath of fresh air (literally) for those of us who have really struggled with giving up regular cigarettes. Give us a break please.

  4. I have been vaping for two weeks now. I can breathe easier and I can smell a real cigarette from a mile away and guess what, after 28 years of smoking, those things stink!
    My house is cleaner, my car smells good, and I am not exposing my non-smoking friends to 4000 chemicals of which are documented 69 known carcinogens above trace levels, not just detectable levels (American Lung Association,2009). I know smoking was killing me, I am sure it was not just the nicotine doing it tho. I have already reduced to the lowest nicotine level and suplementing with the zero nicotine cartridges. I have not bought or smoked a cigarette since I opened my e-cig starter kit. I cannot believe that myself. Twenty-eight years of a pack and a half a day habit, wow. I am sticking with the zero nicotine for a while then switching to an ink pen to carry for security. I left two cigarettes in a pack on my desk for three days for security, then on the third day I just tossed them.

  5. Right…another “E-cigs are unproven, so dont use them! Here smoke a proven killer. Thats better”
    Brilliant, really.

    If anyone out there is looking for REAL info on e-cigs, take a look at the e-cig forum.

  6. I’m on the same boat as Andie. I started vaping fairly recently, three weeks ago to this day. I have also experienced the same results; better breathing, increased sense of smell, and an overall increased sense of better health.

    When I found a cheap E-cig being sold at a big name store, I immediately went out and bought it. Then I gave my last pack of cigarettes away. At firsts, I was vaping a normal dosage of nicotine then I switched to the lowest amount of nicotine. Now I almost don’t have to vape. I don’t have an overwhelming urge to vape like I did before and I usually don’t vape until halfway through my day. I’ve even had a cigarette while out drinking last night like I would’ve normally, and I after the first puff I immediately had to put it out because I was so disgusted by it. I think I can honestly say that I’m over and done with cigarettes.

    What I’m trying to get at is that when you have to choose between the lesser of two evils the E-cig has to be the best choice. There’s no tar or, like mentioned before, any of the 4000 other chemicals that is produced when smoking an “analog” cigarette. I would also like to mention that carcinogens were found only to be made when tobacco reaches a certain temperature, that an E-cig never reaches when vaping.

    So I encourage all smokers that are tired of the reduced health, the overpriced overtaxed cigarettes, stain teeth, smelly clothes, and people pointing all of these things out to you: go out and buy an E-cig and change your life!

  7. What is there that people still dont understand?? Tobacco = death. Ive smoked 34 years, up to 2 packs per day and the only thing that ever worked for me was the e-cig. Big pharma’s idea of a smoking aid is no more than the gift that keeps on giving! We all know how it goes, we all tried to quit many times, not just once. All other methods available have a huge failure rate. With a long time smoker you have addiction in many ways. The feel of the cig. in your hand, the taste and feel of your favorite cig in your mouth and throat, the association between doing certain things and having that cig. while you do em. The e-cig is the only thing out there that cures all these. And with the cure comes complete success with quitting tobacco for good. Trust me, im living proof of that. I’ve not touched one analog cig. since receiving my eGo kit. I’m slowly weening myself off the nic. juice till I reach zero and everything is going so smoothly i can hardly beleive it myself. But all I can say is i couldnt be more happier and I personally recommend the e-cig to any and all tobacco users. Take care and happy vaping!!!

  8. EX Smoker Forever

    I was a HEAVY smoler for more years than I’d like to say (2 packs a day easy). It was killing me. I would cough every single morning till my eyes watered and I’d start gagging. Regular morning routine. Would go on for 10 minutes before I could even start my day. I was constantly short of breath and felt like crap all the time. I tried quitting several times but failed. I tried cold turkey, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, Zyban, Chantix, you name it. I had a pack and a half of smokes on my desk the day I received my e-cig in the mail after ordering online. Never touched an analog (stinky) since that day. Kept the cigarettes laying on my desk for the first month, then tossed them. Something I thought I could NEVER do! I now can breath again, no more coughing, can smell things I haven’t smelled in years (both good and bad!) and I can NOT imagine ever touching a smelly, nasty light up cigarette again. I believe e-cigs have saved my life and was the only thing that truly worked for me. THANK GOD! I’m on the higher nicotine liquid at the time, but who knows - may begin to lower it eventually. Also started riding a bicycle after not having been on one in 23 years. I love it. When I was smoling, I literally could not make it around the block on foot. Felt like I couldn’t breath after half a block of walking. Guinni pig? LOL! I’d choose vaping over smoking analog cigarettes anytime - anywhere. As I said - I believe it has saved my life without a doubt.

  9. Who is the asshat that wrote that article? A Fox News reporter no doubt. These things have saved my life. Vape on people!

  10. I have just bought an e cigarette, I can not believe how well it works compared to the other smoking cessation methods that i tried in the past.
    These things have the potential to at worst prolong peoples lives and at best save them, and I am disgusted with the puritans who winge about them, or the tobacco company employees who are most likely shit scared of them.

  11. I am far from being a doctor or a scientist. However I do know what my body feels and what works for me. I have been feeding the tobacco companies since I was 14 years old (I am now 66). I have given away , thrown away more cigerettes and tried to quit smoking more times than a politition lies. My nephew introduced me to “vaping”. I sent off for a starter kit and haven’t smoked an “anolog ciggy” since recieving it. So it seems to me the tobacco barons are getting scared about losing income. So why wouldn’t they gripe, moan and try to save their arses? My only regret is … I did’t discover vaping 5, 10 or 20 years ago. Read the reports and make your own choices. I’ll bet the family jewels you’ll do like so many others have and join vaping.

  12. I have smoked for forty years and have just ordered the e-cigarette, which I will receive tomorrow. This is the first time I have actually felt hopeful that I will finally be able to quit cigarettes.I live in Canada, where the sale of e-cigarettes is prohibited so I am making a trip to the USA to get them. My son, who lives in Australia, has been able to give up smoking by using them. Shame in the Canadian Government for prohibiting the sale of an item that may help people give up smoking.

  13. I haven’t had a real cigarette in one month. I’ve been using Blu e-cigs. I have noticed that I breathe better already and my libido has improved. Pretty amazing for one months time.

    To me this is proof that “vaping” is much better than smoking.

  14. lol @Don…asshat…hehehehe…I am on day 10 of my new life without analogs, and feel so much better! I have never made it past day 3 before, trying everything from patches to pills. No more coughing & think I’m going to be able to quit using Advair soon! I use my ecig less than I thought I would, so I’m sure it has to be much better for me than burning tobacco. Vape on!!!

  15. Its time we end this fear mongoring, and give credit where it is due, and that is to the E-cigarette- a simple yet genius device. Of course it is new, and we dont know much about it, but if every place keeps banning it will we ever really know? this device to me is a godsend. I lost somebody i loved to lungcancer and still i smoked like a fool. It took timne but now i am 8days without those nasty smokes. Big tobbaco and the FDA, and politions(hand in hand of course) are all secretly afraid, they are aware of the potential this product has and as a result they want to see it banned or restricted. Sadly this is another one of those stories that are so f**ked up, you just couldnt make them up. Vaping beats smoking crappy cigarettes all day for me just like cannabis beats alcohol, but thats just my opinion, but bare in mind over 400thousand americans die from ciggs every year in the US. And almost 100thousand from alcohol every-year. How many died from herb, or vaping E-cigarettes? See my friends, now that part is not an opinion, but a fact. vape on = Live long…

  16. Grateful Vaper

    I think it is almost criminal to bag on e-cigs based on “we don’t know”…

    Guess what? I’d rather be a guinea-pig for e-cigs than continue to smoke the garbage that is put into the tobacco (and paper now with FSC… ever hear of EVA?)

    For the first time in years, after only 4 days of vaping, my lungs feel lighter, my sense of smell is coming back and my sense of taste is coming back.

  17. I have been amazed. I’m 36 and smoked since I was 15. Every time I quit I would gain huge amounts of weight. I finally found the screwdriver and have been off almost a year. I can vape when I need to at work and the only thing people smell is fruit. My husband also quit and we actually did the math on what we have saved. Over 3000 dollars per year! And I feel (and look and smell) better. I’m with everyone else. Better to be a guinea pig and live smell free without a cough than continue to pay exorbinant prices for the privilege of CERTAIN death.

    I hope the lady in Canada got one in the US. :)

  18. A few weeks ago I purchased a very soft plush animal for my 4 year old daughter. A few days later, I was pretending to hug the stuffed Minnie Mouse, and my daughter said, “Daddy STOP, I don’t want it to stink like smoke!”. THAT, was my life. On my 39th birthday 3/7/2011 I received my Evolution X e-cig. I have not touch a touched a Newport since. I smoked for 27 years, and no matter how much I tried to stop, I was destined to fail for one simple reason…I LIKED smoking. I know. Sounds stupid. But I enjoyed a cigarrete with an ice cold beer, after a meal, or sex. Every reason I ever tried to embrace to quit wasn’t my own. My children..watching the TV ads, and listening at school, and begging me to quit…My wife describing kissing me, as being akin to kissing an ashtray, carrying the SMELL to bed with me..family members and the constant, “YOU smoke too much, you just put one out!”. But now…I can smell again…and when I got on the elevator with some coworkers who just came from the smoking area, and could not believed how the elevator smelled. Dont want to believe that just last week, that was ME, smelling like that. I can’t believe how easy it was to not smoke, after receiving my Evolution X. I got the starter kit, charged one battery and used the other battery to set up, load a cartridge and I haven’t looked back. As I enjoy my menthal Strawberry Vanilla blend, all I can say is if you are reading this, considering and e-cig..go for it..vaping may be harmful trumps WE KNOW CIGARRETTES KILL YOU…anyday of the week..

  19. john racaanelly

    I love smokin newports and drankin colt .44 out of a brown paper bad hells yea

  20. So, I’m on day 9 of vaping. I still haven’t gotten past the urge to smoke an analog, but I’m getting there. Already, the higher nicotine fluid that I got with my eGo is too strong for me. I ordered the next step down and some 0 nicotine fluid for good measure.
    I, too, love smoking. I know it sounds fatalist, but I love it. It helps me write. It helps me with my artwork. I love to do it when I drive. I just love smoking.
    But I also love how I can smell things again. I love how my first-soprano voice is coming back to me. I love how if I need a “hit” of nicotine, I can be virtually anywhere and take a puff. I love knowing that I’m not putting nasty tar in my body.
    I have worried about the possible side effects of vaping, but I agree with everyone else here…they can’t possibly be worse than the side effects that analogs have.
    Reading this piece really aggravated the [email protected]#* out of me because I can see the brittle point that you’re trying to make…but come the (^*& on-it’s not all about the nicotine (or the scare tactics that were employed). It’s also about tar, excess chemicals, etc. If we were smoking tobacco like people did “back in the day,” I know it wouldn’t be good…but there weren’t so many added chemicals, either. But we’re not. Analogs have more unnecessary crapp in them than should be allowed by law. Screw analog. I’ll take my chances with the vapor.

  21. I have smoked for 30+ years. I want to try the ecig. I usually smoke Marlboro Mediums. Can anyone tell me the best ecig to get. I am ready to start vaping.

  22. If someone smokes then thats pretty much it for life unless an iron will or lung cancer or all the other diseases associated with smoking tobacco makes them stop. even people with lung cancer step out of a chemo session and light up. If you stop all you think about is smoking. Its the most pernicious evil substance, worth gazillions of dollars in its selling and after effects. Why because its viewed as legal, sold in shops, easy to get at unlike cocaine or heroine that governments send in hit men to go after dealers. No rhyme no reason is there, yet we have free will no one puts a gun to your head and says take up smoking. I feel sick to my soul that I ever put one in my mouth and it still gets me, the thing is not to let kids start smoking in the first place, thats where it starts. I started when I was younger and felt sick from that day on, I have had nights when sucking on cigarettes have left me looking like a sallow dead man and I am a good looking dude proud of my god given physical prowess, stupid stupid stupid. You are all right, its connected to more than just a hit of nicotine, it has all kinds of associations, funny but when I see a hot girl I want to smoke, I am sure everyone has their associations that hit them to want to light up. The ecig gives that hit, and the want is removed. I have the tornado, I tried the ones that looked liked ciggies but found them useless, you see smoking isnt cool, it just makes you look like a moron and people who have self respect give you a wide birth, it lowers your concentration capacity too, its a proven fact that smokers are dim, look it up, the research is sound, I am dim, have gotten dimmer over the smoking years, lost more money more jobs couldnt get up in the morning didnt recognise myself in the mirror, the shine rubbed off. I got really annoyed that the look-a-like cigs didnt deliver anything it was only when I got this fatter battery one that I got the hit, yeah that throat hit, at times it can be really satisfying, and do you know what. Its pleasant! I can smell now in a crowd or amongst people who have just had a tobacco smoke, yeah it stinks doesnt it, and the first thing I say to myself is that I smell like that to none smokers, all my girlfriends havent ever smoked and I must have put them through a torture unmatched, a stinky filthy weak willed dim dope head.Oh we keep telling ourselves we are proud and upstanding but its not the case if you smoke cigarettes and on the death bed wheezing lungs full off pus, pain so intense is that the last thought you want, I wish I could have given it up!? I am proud of all of you for getting away from the smokes and using the ecig until maybe you fall in love again and smoking wont be replacing that lack so many of us can feel at times. vaping is better than cigarettes, even if it kills you )

  23. I got my Prime Vapor e-cig in the mail three days ago, and I haven’t touched an analog cigarette since!! I am amazed! I have thought about lighting up, but the e-cig curbs the craving/urges enough that I haven’t went and bought any cigarettes, and I am pretty sure that I am not going to!

    I feel amazing! I already feel the benefits of not smoking - sense of smell, how I smell to others, more energy, etc - but WITHOUT the “mind boggling can’t think about anything else because i am an emotional wreck” kind of feelings I always got when I tried to quit smoking before!

    You can read all about my journey if you would like at http://hubpages.com/profile/tiffany+delite. I have written several blogs about my quit smoking journey. Blessings to all!

  24. i agree with everyone…. except that one douche……. started vaping 2 weeks ago. for the first week i needed a “real” cig or 2 even after vaping because my mind was telling me to go there. i think i maybe smoked a half a pack in 10 days…. Then i started to notice how much they stank when i would walk by someone that was smoking. my brain is still telling me i need one but i dont really want one. I have not smoked a cig in 5 days now, not even cheated, and i also smoked for 27 years. I would NEVER have thought this possible. i dont wheeze anymore, i dont cough my brains out in the morning…. For anyone considering E-cigs, do your research, get a good one, and QUIT! is it hard? hell yes, but i am proud of myself and i am proud of all the ex-smokers on here. AND…. I know my girlfriend of 10 years that recently died of lung cancer would be proud of me (she didnt even smoke by the way) miss you baby. I watched her suffer and let me tell you, that is NOT the way you want to leave this earth. VAPE ON!!

  25. I have been vaping for almost 6mos now and i like it alot ….I smoked cigaretts for 16 years when i first start i knew i would not go back to cigaretts. The only downside to vaping is its not as easy as taking a cigarett out the pack and lighting up .You have to figure out which ecig is best for you , do you pefer atomizers or cartomizier(I like cartomizers they are easy to use and they are cheper) and you have to fiqure out what flavor eliquid .Once you fiqure out whats best for you …you will love vaping as I do

  26. Clive Andrewss

    I need to add my agreement to all these posts. I too have been smoking for around 30 years. I have also tried and failed to give up many times using gums, patches and cold turkey.

    The one statement I would like to make is that people under estimate how powerful that nicotine adiction is, it is not just a physical addition, there is a lot of brain stuff there too. Yes I know people give up all the time and good luck to them, but there are those of us who need help. I know an ex-smoker who even after 10 years of not smoking still occasionally gets a craving for a cigarette. Thats how powerful this addiction is.

    I feel E-vaping offers me help in a way that nothing else can. Whether you want to quit smoking all together or just have a healthier habit. Vaping works. It also gives that phycological advantage of assisting with some very early goals of quiting, like leaving the house with out cigarettes when previously you couldnt even dream of such a thing, or not smoking a cigarette for the first three or four days. these things are all possible very easily when you vape instead of smoke.

    My own personal feeling is that I am relieved and happy to have found E-vaping and although I still smoke the odd cigarette, I am leaving the house more and more with just my e-vape kit and no tobacco, that to me is a great personal victory, and I feel healthier.

    I can now see a day very soon when I will not need to smoke ever again.

    As for the cigarette companies… I hope they all go out of business because of vaping.

  27. I had been a smoker for 32 years; I started at the age of 13. I too had been harassed by family and friends about the way I smelled and my raunchy breath. I have to admit that due to my addiction, I enjoyed holding my cigarette, the feeling I got when I took a nice long drag and saw the smoke when I exhaled. For me the best cigarette was the first one in the morning and the one after dinner.

    A few of my coworkers started vaping about a year ago and none of them have gone back to smoking cigarettes. They encouraged me to try it and I always responded “I’ll quit when I’m 6 feet under”. At least that was what I thought until my 12 year old son came to me one weekend morning and said “Dad I had a dream about you last night”. What did you dream about? My son then responded “You were dead”. How did I die? He said I don’t know but you were dead and I was sad. With that thought in my head for a couple of days, I decided that I should start taking better care of myself. I spoke with a couple of my co workers about e-cigarettes later in the week and they helped get me started. I have to admit that I didn’t think it would work and started with the excuses that would allow for my failure, it’s not the same, I don’t get enough smoke, there is no throat hit and it tastes like sh!t. Never the less I tried it and after about a week I discovered that it was in fact working. I have not smoked a real cigarette in 33 days, although I do have to admit that I still have an unopened pack of cigarettes in my car as a security blanket.

    When I compare how I feel today to how I felt a month ago there are many things that I have noticed. The first thing was I wasn’t hacking my lungs out in the morning. I can climb a flight of stairs without being as winded. I can smell again, no offence to any smokers out there but I can finally smell you and understand what my family has been saying for all of these years. My taste has improved and I also have more energy. Do not get me wrong I STILL MISS that first smoke in the morning and the one after dinner! I think that is still the addiction talking.

    I’m not a doctor but it is my opinion that vaping is a much better alternative to smoking cigarettes. I believe whole heartedly that this is the best way for a long term smoker to finally kick cigarettes. This system satisfies all aspects of the smoking experience that I still love and it put me on the path to success.

    Oh yea another benefit to vaping, I don’t have to go outside in the cold or heat to get my nicotine dosage. I can sit at the bar; enjoy my drink, and not miss a minute of the game!

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