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Miami, FL — Americans are becoming increasingly health conscious. They’re also more aware than ever of the vital need to do everything they can to be more green — that is, earth friendly.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette- The natural choice

Cigarettes and tobacco kill people. Green Smoke does not contain one carcinogen. They’re certainly safer than tobacco cigarettes I have been Green Smoking e-cigarette for only one month and I already feel the difference in my breathing. One group, especially, has a big stake in this shift of behavior: smokers. The American Cancer Society reports that 46 million American adults smoke cigarettes. That’s nearly one in four people. Moreover, a whopping 440,000 Americans die each year from tobacco use. Even the most confirmed tobacco smokers know that it isn’t healthy, but what alternative do they have?

Green Smoke. This electronic cigarette is the best to hit the market during the past year, and it helps smokers leave behind nearly everything that is unhealthy, distasteful and even downright nasty about their habit. While the Green Smoke electronic cigarette offers the same nicotine buzz as tobacco cigarettes, they don’t have carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide or the dozens of other toxins that are unhealthy for smokers.

So, how is this possible? Green Smoke has made it easy. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette consists of two simple parts: a cartridge and a battery unit. The cartridge looks just like the filter on a tobacco cigarette, while the battery is a dead ringer for the white tobacco end of a regular cigarette. Just screw together these two and puff. This activates the heating element, and smokers inhale water steam with nicotine and flavor. Each cartridge is the comparable to a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

They offer an assortment of flavors, from the traditional tobacco and menthol to coffee, vanilla and chocolate. Green Smoke cartridge nicotine levels range from 16 mg, comparable to an unfiltered tobacco cigarette, to 8mg comparable to a ‘Marlboro Red’, to 6mg ‘Lite’, 4mg ‘Ultralight’, and even 0mg cartridges which maintain the flavor but contains no nicotine at all.

So what’s so green about it? Green Smokers don’t harm the environment. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette produces smoke-like vapor- as opposed to cigarette smoke which contains a number of chemicals which impact the atmosphere. In addition, each cartridge is comparable to 20 cigarettes. That’s 19 fewer cigarette butts per pack. Combine that with a rechargeable battery – you get less waste.

That missing cigarette smoke also means that hair, clothing and even breath is no longer a problem for Green Smokers. And dirty ashtrays or cans along with unsightly butts are things of the past for people who have made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to Green Smoke e-cigarettes.

Sounds just like the right product for a world more health conscious and earth friendly. However, the Food and Drug Administration apparently doesn’t agree. It seems poised to ban this safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes by blocking imports e-cigarette. The FDA claims that e-cigarettes need drug studies even though the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000 ruled that the agency cannot regulate tobacco cigarettes.

Green Smokers widely claim that benefits far outweigh any risks. “Cigarettes and tobacco kill people. Green Smoke does not contain one carcinogen. They’re certainly safer than tobacco cigarettes,” says a Green Smoker from Michigan. “I have been Green Smoking e-cigarette for only one month and I already feel the difference in my breathing.”

Green Smoke remains readily available to the increasing demand by tobacco smokers for a reasonable alternative — especially as state after state enacts bans on smoking in public places.

For more information about Green Smokes, go online to

Their Web site offers a wealth of additional information about Green Smokes as well as handy online order forms.

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  1. I have been using my electronic cigarette for about 4 months now and haven’t had the urge to smoke a regular tobacco cigarette since. My wife calls me the walking testimony when her friends ask her how did your husband quite smoking. I am so glad I stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes!

  2. do your lungs feel more healthy Erik?

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