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Graphic images of diseased body parts

Would a gruesome picture of a cancer-ravaged mouth with rotting teeth make you think twice about buying a pack of cigarettes?

I Blow Smoke on Your Law

nocotine laySitting on a park bench at Prescott Promenade on a hot July afternoon, John stares at a brawny tattooed man in his 50s smoking a cigarette under a “No Smoking” sign.

Smoking in the military: An old habit dies hard

FORWARD OPERATING BASE FALCON, Iraq — Gen. Douglas MacArthur had his signature corncob pipe. Soldiers got cigarettes in their C-rations during World War II. Even today, America’s war on tobacco seems to have largely bypassed the military.

Lexington County smoking ban OK’d

Opponents of a workplace smoking ban said Tuesday that members of at least five organizations plan to target for defeat the five Lexington County Council members who voted for the ban.

Electronic Cigarette Seller Sued - Fines and Penalties Sought

A major retailer of electronic cigarettes has been sued in a multi-count civil action which seeks penalties of $25,000 for each sale as well as refunds to customers. Several other sellers of electronic cigarettes have avoided suits by entering into voluntary settlements, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), the organization which wrote to state attorneys general asking them to bring this type of legal action against the sellers.

Smokers turn into farmers

A strange plant is growing near the tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberry in Thomas Parson’s garden – bulky tobacco leaves.

Cuba Increases Control on Cigars

HAVANA TIMES, - Cuban customs authorities have increased the control of Cuban cigars leaving the country with the introduction of a new resolution. The new law states that the 50 cigars travelers are currently allowed to take out of the country without a receipt must be in sealed and stamped genuine cigar boxes with an official hologram sticker.cigars

Smoking opponents fired up

People are driving from Topeka to Lawrence to eat in smoke-free restaurants.

WHO urges €2 increase in cigarette prices

IRELAND SHOULD continue to increase the price of cigarettes to put them out of reach of young people, according to a senior policy adviser to the World Health Organisation (WHO).