Should we legalize marijuana

Well as we all well know there has been a lot of debate over whether we should legalize marijuana. Now there are a lot of supporters and people who oppose the legalization of marijuana.

Well supporters have won a victory of sorts in their fight to get it legalized. Voters in Oakland, California voted on and a passed a bill that would increase the sales tax on medical marijuana. The money raised will be used to fill a budget hole.

Now this is a small victory but a victory none the less. There is also a fight ragging on whether to allow marijuana dispensaries in San Bernardino county. Opponents of the dispensaries say these so called “pot shops” make millions of dollars a year on their sales and are funded by pro-legalization groups. They say there are as many a four on a corner in some parts of Los Angeles, that’s more than both Starbucks and Mcdonalds combined and there are many as 800 “pot shops” in operation in Los Angeles. They say that “pot shops” are fronts for illegal business and would increase the crime rate.

OK, so lets take a look at what can be gained by legalizing marijuana. Think about how much money the states would make from collecting sales tax. A recent study was done about this very same subject in Canada. They found that if they legalize marijuana in Canada, they would collect an estimated $2 billion dollars in sales tax. That’s a lot of money, Canada who has a population of 33 million people would collect $2 billion, how much would America who has a population of 300 million people see. Well America has 9 times the amount of people as Canada does, so that would be an estimated $18 billion dollars. Now this does not take into account how much marijuana each person smokes and how many times they would buy marijuana in a day or week. So the actual total would be in the tens of billions of dollars, if not hundreds of billions of dollars.

Again the sheer monetary value of legalizing marijuana is huge, talk about budget crisis, underfunded education, all those problems would be solved practically over night. Now opponents say marijuana is a drug and as such is dangerous. Well let’s look at this argument too, how many people has marijuana killed honestly? Let’s compare that to the number of people who die each year from say tobacco and alcohol, it is no comparison. Tobacco and alcohol kill way more people in a year, then marijuana has killed in history. Yet both tobacco and alcohol are legal and marijuana is not, why?

Let’s also not only consider the amount of money we would collect on sales tax but the money we would save by no longer having to devote so much of law enforcements resources to catching, prosecuting and the housing of people who are caught with marijuana. Again that would be a huge amount of much needed money that could other wise be better spent on other things. We could use those law enforcement officials to make are streets even safer, by having them not waste their valuable time on arresting people with marijuana. Prosecutors could prosecute more murder cases and such then ever before.

I personally believe we should legalize marijuana, the benefits far out weigh the few the down sides to it. Bottom line is that tobacco and alcohol alone are more costly and far more dangerous than marijuana is and they are legal. An estimated $100,000,000,000 a year is spent to treat people with lung cancer, how much money is spent to treat people with a disease or illness marijuana causes? We of course would not be the first country to do so, countries such as Portugal and the Netherlands have done it all ready. Now in the Netherlands the production, sale and transportation of marijuana on a large scale is still illegal. Possessing marijuana for personal use is still illegal as well but is rarely enforced and when it is, only results in a very small fine. They even have marijuana coffee shops, the funny thing is cigarettes are illegal too and that is enforced. Maybe the enforcement of cigarettes in the Netherlands and not of marijuana is do to the fact that being able to carry and use marijuana in the Netherlands has resulted in $500,000,000 in tourism. Just another thing to consider when pondering the legalization of marijuana.

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12 Responses to Should we legalize marijuana

  1. The confusion medical marijuana laws is making problems so much worse. At this point no one can truly predict the outcome of legalizing marijuana, it is all speculation but we do know there is a problem that needs to be adressed. Regardless of legalizing it or not, the medical marijuana grey areas must be figured out so suffering people can stop being persecuted.

  2. Being a pot smoker for 36 years now, and almost 30 of that on an almost daily basis, at 51 I take no prescription medications, my resting pulse rate is below 70, blood pressure also within normal limits, and I’m more physically fit than most people in their 20′s or 30′s. I have a master’s degree, to which I credit smoking marijuana for an unprecedented high GPA.

    Marijuana helps me to not only relax and transition after a long day at work, but to get through tedious tasks like bill paying and long range planning activiites, as well as creative activities such as art, where I’ve won several awards in juried art shows.

    I take care of myself in more ways than most people, I use responsibly, please just leave me and my body alone on this. The government and employer need to stay out of my pants (drug testing) and out of my personal life.

  3. I Agree 100% with this article, even if your vehemently against pot the logical reasons to legalize are in plain view. Setting the ganja aside legal weed automatically means legal Hemp! Which can produce fibers that can make rope, paper, and can be compressed into a wood that can be used to build houses. It can be used for fuel and plastics which a big portion of our oil dependents is from. It is nutritious and delicious, so lets review less oil being used and transported, which helps save the seas. Less forests being cut down and since hemp requires very little pesticide and can produce more fibers an acre faster then cotton means better use of our land……….. It really is the plant that can save our planet.

  4. For every person that claims to enjoy marijuana recreationally there are ten others that are real losers, unproductive members of society. Plus, the guy that says he is 51 and fit; well, I know lots people in their 40s who have used it regularly and look shrivelled up, totally unhealthy. I would also like for those who are for its legalizing to put their young children alone in a car with someone smoking pot AND in a highway where many others are smoking as well. (Someone I know lost her son because the school bus driver had been smoking pot.)There are plenty of problems in society and all you are doing is adding to the problem. Criminalizing it at least keeps many out of the streets.

  5. You can end the “debate” over whether it should be completely legal or not by asking 1 simple question.

    If I smoke weed who am I hurting?

    This is a simple question, if you can figure out what 4+4 is you can probably figure this out. The answer is NOBODY. So why do I get arrested for smoking weed?

    “If someone gets high they will drive a car and kill someone” , “if someone gets high they will do XXX!!” etc etc. If someone gets high and commits a crime only then should they be arrested. Otherwise, they should be left alone.

    The mentality that we should be arresting someone for getting high because they *might* commit a crime is quite hilarious and obviously not a good basis for keeping drugs illegal if you really think about it (thinking isn’t very common these days). If you follow this logic then I assume you would also favor arresting every person that owns a set of silverware, because they *might* kill someone with that steak knife that they own.

    Unfortunately for me everything I just mentioned is essentially irrelevant when it comes to legalizing drugs, I just had to spell it out very carefully for all those brainwashed people out there. There is one point that even the most thoughtless minds cannot argue against, and that’s the fact that in America nobody can tell you what you can and can’t put into your own body. You are free to consume whatever you want.

  6. In response to “Against” above, you are 1000% wrong with your 10 to 1 stat you pulled out of the stratosphere. In my remote neighborhood in the Oregon forests, there are about 16 homes. Every one is an expensive property. 80% of us smoke pot. Not 1 loser in the bunch. You are a stone age idiot who remembers the 60s but has had his eyes closed since.

  7. I have been smoking for over 14 years and it has helped me deal with my Endometriosis. I have tried pain meds and anything else the doctors throw at me and none help me the way Marijuana does. I will wake up in terrible pain making me go into a fetal position and as soon as I smoke one then within 5-10 minutes I am 100% better. I would like to see it decriminalized so that people like me can get the help they need and not to mention how much it would help the economy, it’s unreal how politicians are all about getting the economy up and going but don’t want to do the one thing that would pull us out of this debt in less than 3 years if not sooner..

  8. Robert Delaney

    Dear “AGAINST”,

    No doubt you’ve witnessed numerous slackers, losers, and other unproductive types who use marijuana. Have you considered that these boneheads also populate the non-marijuana world, as well?

    A loser is a loser. Many of them drive cars. Does that make all drivers losers?

    These people you talk about would be losers whether or not they smoked marijuana.

    Keeping it illegal keeps many out of the streets? Are you kidding?

    Yes, tons of pot smokers are losers, just like tons of folks who DON’T smoke it are losers.

    Get a grip on reality.

  9. National Center for addiction and substance abuse (A.K.A: CASA) in Columbia University estimated that federal government would have to spend $467.7 billion as of drug addiction rehab center maintenance cost.

    Seeing this, and that marijuana is the most consumed illegal drug, $18 billion doesn’t seem like a lot.

  10. i think it is fine to smoke a little weed every day because it helps so many people out.i have smoked for three years now every day after school and i love my life im happy for once its like people dont understaind if they do not want to buy it they should leave it alone and go about there buisness it would help the economay so much. i mean realy i live in a town with a popultion of ten thousand and have personaly smoked with three of four thousand of just my freinds so suck on that cigretts and achol!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mas Bronciados

    I like cheese and marijuana. But as you can tell i am high right now.

  12. I might sound like a broken record, but, I’m gunna ask this again. How does marijuana affect anybody really? If anything, it assists those with health and mental problems. Do an experiment for me. Take 10 mental patients, 5 of them smoking pot and use the other 5 as the control group and I guarantee the first 5 will be 110 percent better than the last 5. There’s so much stupidity in this world and it begins with all the legal bullshit people go through. Smoking pot is the most victimless crime to my knowledge and I don’t know why the government just can’t accept that. They’re only hurting us, not helping us, by not making it legal. Driving high is less dangerous than driving drunk, but since America is money hungry, they’d prefer us to get a DUI because they can make money off of it.

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