Daily Archives: September 3, 2009

Ripley hosts Annual Tobacco Festival

RIPLEY - The cool weather made for large crowds at the 28th annual Ohio Tobacco Festival last weekend. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported 1,600 cars on Saturday night alone during their team up with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office for a DUI check point on U.S. 62/68.

E Cigarette Store expands its range of products

The E Cigarette Store, which is the UK’s leading informational and buyer’s guide to the electronic cigarette has just expanded it’s product sections. While before only the electronic cigarette starter kits were reviewed, now e cigarette accessories and spare parts have been added to the site.

Nicotine does not cause cigarette addiction

An ASU professor is challenging widely held conceptions about smoking, including challenging the view that nicotine is addictive.

Smoking Threatens Africa With Cancer Epidemic

Tobacco use in Africa is growing faster than in other continents, says Dr. John Seffrin, who has been on the frontlines in the war against cancer for several years and now serves as the chief executive officer of the American Cancer Society. Taking part in the recent LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit in Dublin, Ireland, he hailed the global unity shown in reducing the stigma of cancer and working harder at prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. He spoke with allAfrica.com.

New Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act

You can be fined up to R500 for lighting up in a non-smoking area or in your vehicle.

Smoking in public places and vehicles

The New Prohibition-Tobacco Use?

“It’s easy to quit smoking…I’ve done it hundreds of times!” -Mark Twain

The Irony in the Tobacco Companies Suing

Most of the nation’s largest tobacco companies have sued to stop a federal law which curtails their marketing and forces them to print graphic warnings on their packages. (NYTimes, 9/1/09) The companies are insisting on their right to communicate truthful information about their products to adults who have the right to receive such information. It is the industry’s desire to protect its right to speak the “truth” under the protection of the First Amendment that I find so ironic.

New Tobacco Alliance Committee

Individuals and businesses that have suffered financially and emotionally due to government policies on tobacco gathered last week to learn more about a lawsuit filed against the federal and provincial governments.

Facebook issued legal notice for violating Indian tobacco control laws

Failure of the social networking website “Facebook” to remove pages and groups relating to various tobacco products, brands and articles is now likely to land the company in legal trouble.