Daily Archives: September 14, 2009

Smokers hot over ‘fire-safe’ cigarettes

LITTLE ROCK — So-called ‘fire-safe’ cigarettes are turning up on store shelves across Arkansas, and smokers are complaining that while the safety of the cigarettes may have been improved, the quality has declined.

E Cigarettes National Expands Call Center Due to Demand

GAINESVILLE, Fla., - E Cigarettes National, an online
e-cigarette retailer has just completed the implementation of a call center tocigarettes
handle customer demand that is growing at over 300% per month since its launch
in July of this year.

FDA moves ahead on tobacco regulation

SILVER SPRING, Md. — The Food and Drug Administration has taken significant steps toward setting up the nation’s new anti-smoking agency, less than 90 days after the federal government was given the authority to regulate tobacco products.

Tobacco Leaf remains golden

Farmers planted less tobacco this growing season in Nash County in response to a reduction in domestic consumer demand, growers said.

Tobacco companies file free speech lawsuit to derail FDA restrictions

A lawsuit by a group of tobacco companies is the opening salvo against a new federal law giving the Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate the industry. The legal maneuver prompted harsh criticism from the medical community and public health organizations that strongly backed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, signed by President Obama in June.

Smoking laws tightened

SMOKERS are set to have the number of places where they can light up freely curtailed even further, thanks to amended smoking laws.

Tobacco firm sees up to 15% decline

PROSPECTS for the local tobacco industry have become dimmer with legislated tax hikes aggravating the weakening of demand for cigarette products amid the slow economy, according to a tobacco executive.

A tobacco regulation challenge makes one good point

FOR YEARS, the cigarette, arguably the most dangerous legal product in America, was also one of the least regulated, subject to less government oversight than dental floss. That has finally changed — but now a group of tobacco companies has challenged in court parts of the law that gives the Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate tobacco products.