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Cigarettes harm financial health too

Cigarette smokers have long been assailed for the damaging health effects of their habit. They are often banned from lighting up at work, in restaurants and in public indoor places.
Still, one in five Americans is a smoker, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Former Congressman Salmon Affirms Irresponsibility in Banning e-cigarettes

IRVINE, Calif.- Former Congressman Matt Salmon, who is president of the Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) (‘http://www.ecassoc.org’), states, “It is disheartening that the FDA issued a warning to the public against electronic cigarettes without conclusive data to support the claim.” This has now led the Attorney Generals of Oregon, Connecticut and Kentucky to ban the sale of the e-cigs in their states. According to the former congressman, the FDA has a responsibility to do homework and present all of the facts with such a warning.

Next Generation of SBS Tobacco Paperboard

MeadWestvaco Corp. (NYSE: MWV), a global packaging solutions leader, today
announced the first in a series of new tobacco paperboard launches with the
introduction of Promina, the next generation of solid bleached sulfate (SBS)
tobacco board intended for use in premium tobacco packaging. MWV developed
Promina using proprietary new technologies to create a groundbreaking board with
almost identical operating properties as its market leading predecessor,
Printkote Tobacco, but at an average basis weight reduction of seven percent.
Promina`s benefits also include enhanced printability, runnability and
consistency, producing a sheet that is 40 percent cleaner than MWV`s previous
premium quality board offering.

FDA defines flavored-cigarette ban; retailer reacts

With just under a week left before the sales of flavored cigarettes become illegal, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a letter providing the industry with more specific direction, its first action in regulating tobacco since given the task in July.

Marijuana, tobacco and Obama

US anti-smoking programmes grow ever more agressive

Tobacco Use Worsens Malnutrition in Indonesia

After years of media attention, many understand and accept that smoking is bad for your health and that second-hand smoke is bad for people who live with smokers. But new research shows that in many developing countries, smoking can affect the nutrition of children who live with a smoker.

Tobacco Takes Toll on Environment

Doctors and scientists have had the same message about tobacco and smoking for decades now — using tobacco is harmful for smokers and the people around them. But many haven’t heard the message, or they’re not convinced.