Daily Archives: September 18, 2009

FDA regulation of tobacco ads violates free speech

Dutch business owners can legally sell cannabis, but advertising the drug is a different matter. In Holland, hanging a poster of a marijuana leaf in the window of one of the so-called “coffee shops” is illegal.

Tobacco growers making equipment investments

The instability of the tobacco business has made many growers gun shy about capital investments.

Health plan to begin checking state workers for smoking, obesity

Raleigh, N.C. — As part of a plan to get the health insurance program for state employees back in the black, workers who smoke or overeat could soon wind up paying more for health coverage than those who don’t.

Children in forefront of no smoking

YOUNGSTERS in Burton worry about the impact smoking has on their parents’ lives, new figures reveal.

Alcohol, tobacco hikes approved in Spain Parliament

The Provisional Collection of Taxes Order, which will see the legalisation of increases in the price of alcohol and tobacco, as well as hikes in road penalties, was passed in the Lower House of Parliament, Red House, Port of Spain, on Wednesday night without Opposition support.

HHS Prevention and Wellness Initiative, Including Tobacco Control

WASHINGTON, - The Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative announced today by the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which includes support for
strategies to reduce tobacco use, is a smart investment in the nation’s health
that will save lives, prevent disease and help reduce health care costs. This
investment, made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
2009, will also create jobs and strengthen the nation’s public health
infrastructure, which will help build stronger, healthier communities.

Smokers Rally

MARTINSBURG - Pete Snow may have to breath with the assistance of an oxygen tank, but that didn’t stop the senior citizen and Berkeley County war veteran from joining scores of protesters Wednesday night in Martinsburg for a rally and march to show support for opposition to a proposed smoking ban.

Smokers Greet Imminent Ban with Sigh of Resignation

A decision made four years ago in the Legislature will soon kick in across the state as Montana bars, restaurants and casinos go smoke-free on Oct. 1. And while the change rankles those with familiar routines of sitting down at their favorite bar with a drink and a cigarette after a long day, the exodus to the outdoors seems to be greeted by many smokers with a sigh of resignation.