Daily Archives: September 21, 2009

For new smoking ban, the rules are basic

The proposed rules for implementing the state’s new ban on smoking in restaurants and bars are pretty simple. There are only two.

Smokers challenged to ‘fight back’

Smokers in Birmingham East and North are being urged to ‘fight back’ in order to improve the health of the population in a new hard hitting stop smoking campaign from the NHS.

Most addictive drugs and why they’re addicting

There are a lot of addictive drugs out there, so we’ve broken them down for you with our top-ten list of the most addictive substances. Don’t be fooled by prescription drugs — these are addictive too.

Electronic cigarettes exempt from new smoking laws

As smoking laws place more restrictions on when and where one can smoke, electronic cigarettes are becoming the preferred alternative, offering smokers the opportunity to cut down on the harmful chemicals that they inhale and emit while successfully avoiding prosecution.
Smokers of tobacco cigarettes in South Africa will once again have to adjust their habits to avoid smoking in public places and near children due to recent laws passed.

Cigarette sales on Six Nations tied to issue of sovereignty

I love the smell of a fresh-lit cigarette. The ascending smoke randomly curling through the air was common. One after another marked the hours of my days. Twenty-five years ago, people were allowed to smoke in the hospital. It wasn’t like it is today. Now we identify smokers by their huddling presence at doorways to public buildings. I remember when the cost of an entire pack was below $2. Today, it’s five times that amount. Smoking was a habit I would eventually give up.

Oneida Nation joins the tobacco industry

VERONA — Thursday’s news that the Oneida Indian Nation has purchased a cigarette manufacturing plant and will start making its own cigarettes generated criticism from the American Cancer Society and others that the move is illegal.