Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

Fired up about beach smoking ban

An effort to ban smoking on beaches and in parks throughout New Jersey may be a step too far even for some who advocate limits on the right to light up in public.

Study shows smoking ban improves health

Maryville anti-smoking advocates are applauding two new studies showing localities that ban smoking in bars, restaurants and other public places experience a quick drop in heart attacks.
The research, which incorporated data from 24 studies of smoking bans across the country, found at least a 17 percent reduction in heart attacks one year after the bans had been enacted.

Allow free tobacco seeds imports: ASSOCHAM

The Chamber has argued that free tobacco seeds import will ensure development of high yielding tobacco varieties as alsoAssociated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India hybrid in tobacco crops and therefore restrictions on imports of tobacco seeds be removed.

Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco

TORONTO, ONTARIO-(Marketwire - Sept. 23, 2009) - The rampant contraband tobacco problem in Ontario needs a comprehensive solution, and cutting provincial tobacco taxes should not be part of the plan, according to the Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco (OCAT). Members of the group have unanimously rejected Bill 199, a private member’s bill aimed at reducing taxation on tobacco in Ontario, which will be debated in the Legislature on Thursday, September 24, and are encouraging the government to develop and implement a provincial strategy to deal with the issue.

Hawaii State Tax on Tobacco Products Increases 70 Percent

For Hawaii residents, the price of tobacco continues to rise. Starting on September 30 the state’s wholesale tax on Other Tobacco Products (OTPs) such as chewing tobacco and pipe tobacco will significantly increase from 40 percent to 70 percent. Additionally, the tax on the wholesale price of cigars will rise from 40 percent to 50 percent, while the tax on smaller cigars will be taxed like cigarettes.

Abandoned Tobacco Shed In Glastonbury To Be Preserved

GLASTONBURY — At the height of the tobacco growing industry in town, the shaded fields of the Consolidated Cigar Corp. covered more than 1,900 acres across north Glastonbury. Barn-red sheds where the huge tobacco leaves were dried originally numbered in the hundreds.

Rothmans, Benson & Hedges threatening to close tobacco factory

Canadian tobacco heavyweight Rothmans, Benson & Hedges is threatening to close a Quebec factory employing more than 300 people if Ottawa doesn’t narrow the scope of a bill aimed at stopping the manufacture of candy- and fruit-flavoured cigars and cigarettes.

Star Seeking FDA Approval of ‘Modified-Risk’ Tobacco Product

PETERSBURG, Va. — Star Scientific Inc., makers of low-nitrosamine smokeless tobacco products, said that the company will use a novel, patented method for cultivation, curing and preparation of tobacco to formulate dissolvable smokeless tobacco products. This new curing process is the subject of a patent application, filed in December 2008. Its use has resulted in tobacco leaf with significantly lower levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) than previously achieved using the StarCured curing process, the company claimed.star tobacco

Amazon.com Dropping E-Cigarette Sales

The Internet retailer Amazon.com is reportedly moving to stop selling or supporting the sale of e-cigarettes on its huge website. Its action follows receipt of a notice of potential legal liability for facilitating the sale of a product the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has declared is “illegal.”