Daily Archives: September 29, 2009

Bar and casino owners react to smoking ban

Local bar and casino owners are begrudgingly preparing to turn their businesses smoke-free as their four-year grace period from the smoke cigarettestatewide smoke ban will expire Thursday.
Some establishments are constructing outdoor smoking shelters to dull the sharpness of Montana’s changeable weather, and all bars and casinos will be hanging up fresh “no smoking” signs Thursday morning.

Exclusion of menthol cigarettes in ban worries health experts

The Food and Drug Administration may have banned candy- and fruit-flavored cigarettes Tuesday, but some public health experts still see a big hole in their efforts to keep teens from starting to smoke.vogue menthe

Marketers Fight the D.C. Squeeze

NEW YORK Did you ever think the next sale of Trojans or e.p.t. would help fund President Obama’s healthcare reforms? While Congress has backed off on taxing such products after pressure from Republicans and a flurry of behind-the-scenes industry lobbying, it still has marketers fully in its sights. The sparring over taxation and advertising regulations has only just begun.Obama's healthcare reforms

Partnership for Tobacco Prevention

Hundreds of UCF nursing students poured into a crowded ballroom donning their signature blue and white community uniforms, ready Tobacco Preventionfor a special training seminar. The purpose was to learn the tobacco training curriculum in order to implement the program in the community.

FDA bans flavored cigarettes to fight smoking by youths

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned flavored cigarettes last week in an attempt to stop teenagers and young adults from becoming dependent on tobacco.

Officials target electronic cigarettes smoking devices

The sales pitch for a new “smokeless cigarette” sold at a North Jersey shopping mall couldn’t be clearer.