Daily Archives: September 30, 2009

Campaigns and Lobbying: Key Activists and Their Roles

For years, various activists have been promoting tobacco control in Mexico and in Mexico City. In particular, the knowledge, expertise and political connections of representatives from NGOs organizations – including the Inter- American Heart Foundation (FIC), the Alliance for Tobacco Control (ACTA) and the Mexican Council Against Tobacco (CMCT) – played an important role in supporting the promotion and adoption of a comprehensive smoke-free law in Mexico DF. The World Lung Foundation provided expertise and support in the development of media campaigns to advance the smoke-free agenda. Complementing the work of NGOs was the National Institute for Public Health [INSP], a government agency under the federal Health Secretariat. INSP played a vital role in supporting the legislation and in coordinating and carrying out research studies.

Kentucky tobacco farmers dealt late-season setback

Recent heavy rains that soaked Kentucky delivered a late-season setback to some tobacco farmers as their leaf ripens, dampening their hopes for a bumper crop after a couple of drought years.

Tobacco Merrchant’s Lawyer Opens at Finborough Theatre

Open Book - Plays by Writers in association with Neil McPherson for the Finborough Theatre presents THE TOBACCO MERCHANT’S tobacco theaterLAWYER, the English premiere of a new play by Iain Heggie, directed by Liz Carruther and performed by Callum Cuthbertson.

Warning: Homegrown Tobacco Still Deadly

Across the backyards and victory gardens of America this fall, many weekend gardeners for the first time are harvesting a touch of poison amongst the squash and potatoes.

Senate could gut legislation on flavoured tobacco

OTTAWA — The government’s proposed ban on flavours and additives in cigars and cigarettes, a key promise delivered personally by Stephen Harper in the last election to protect “susceptible” children, is at risk of unravelling in the Senate.

Imperial Tobacco Canada says: Government of Ontario lawsuit is “hypocrisy”

MONTREAL, - Imperial Tobacco Canada is stunned that a province in which close to 50 per cent of tobacco products purchased are illegal is targeting the legal industry while continuing to turn a blind eye to illegal tobacco sales.