E Cigarettes National Expands Call Center Due to Demand

GAINESVILLE, Fla., - E Cigarettes National, an online
e-cigarette retailer has just completed the implementation of a call center tocigarettes
handle customer demand that is growing at over 300% per month since its launch
in July of this year.

Tiffany Ellis, the marketing director of E Cigarettes National claims that
their choice of quality brands and affordable prices, teamed up with great
customer service is what makes the difference between them and the other e
cigarette dealers that market their products online.

“We only buy the products from other companies that already have the
merchandise in the United States so that we can make sure that we have plenty
in stock and keep an informed eye on U.S. companies with great quality control
measures in place,” states Ellis. “This ensures top quality products that are
always in stock, top brands that have proven to be legitimate, and E
Cigarettes National making sure that they get the service they need and

The new call center implementation now gives the company the ability to handle
hundreds of calls at a time and is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a
week for people looking to order e cigarettes and supplies. They say the move
also makes sure that everyone can speak to a trained representative that can
help with orders and get any customer service processes started if they have a
problem or question about the products they sell.

“We are not a single brand company and it is showing to be a great benefit to
both the clients and the industry as a whole since we provide a medium for
other single brand suppliers that hold to high standards to make sure their
dedication and hard work are made available to the public,” says Ellis. “We
have our customers’ well being in mind and want to make sure we can help them
with any issue they may have.”

SOURCE: E Cigarettes National

Tiffany Ellis, E Cigarettes National, +1-510-230-3947,
[email protected]

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