FDA seeks elimination of electronic cigarettes from the US market

After the Food and Drug Administration had been entitled to oversee tobacco products as drugs, the agency first of all, decided to crack down the flourishing market of electronic cigarettes – battery-operated devices that look like cigarettes and provide shots of heated nicotine contained in cartridge.

Laboratory examinations of e-cigs demonstrated that the besides nicotine the devices contained several poisonous substances including carcinogens and diethylene glycol, a component of antifreeze, according to the statement by FDA vice chairman during a news-conference.

In addition, the electronic cigarettes didn’t have any warning labels on them, in contrast to other nicotine products.

During the last year, the FDA collaborated with enforcement agencies to confiscate more than 45 shipments containing electronic cigarettes. The FDA reckons the devices as medical devices, and thus, states that E-cigarette industry advertises their products illegally, since they lack FDA’s approval to be marketed as nicotine replacement therapy, admits FDA deputy commissioner Josh Sorstein,

The FDA is revising the legislation that provided it with the legal power to monitor tobacco products and is seeking several enforcement measures, including massive recalls from the market, fines and even charges.

The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes state that the devices can be used in every place, including where the conventional tobacco products are prohibited, since they do not produce smoke.

Moreover, several months ago, the leading e-cig seller Smoking Everywhere submitted a lawsuit in the federal court against the Food and Drug Administration accusing the agency in the lack of authority to regulate the electronic cigarettes.

At the same time, public health groups are highly concerned by the surge of the devices in the market and their booming popularity, because they are marketed to minors. The various and tasty flavorings of fruit and bubble gum, availability and possibility to buy them without age restrictions, all these features make cigarettes an attractive pride for adolescents.

Tobacco-free Kids manager Kristy McCord says that in ads e-cigarettes are shown as a sexy device for adults, and teenagers, known for their desire to look grown-up are getting lured by the devices.

However, e-cig sellers argue that their products are too expensive for minors, because the cost of a start kit varies from $60 to $120, making them unavailable for them. But this argument was criticized by health advocates who said that it is a two-day work in the garden or in other place and a minor can easily afford the device.

2 responses to “FDA seeks elimination of electronic cigarettes from the US market

  1. Ohhh, so electronic cigarettes are harmful to your health and pose a big threat to kids and the FDA wants to try and eliminate them. Hmm. So what are you saying, FDA? That we people are much better off with REAL cigarettes (which contain a butt load MORE chemicals then e-ciggs do)? Wow. Smooth move, morons. Good job being puppets to the tobacco corporations!

  2. The current bill SB 882 to ban Electronic Cigarettes CANNOT BE PASSED. Thousands of Americans nationwide have used and are using Electronic Cigarettes to quit smoking traditional cigarettes which cause lung cancer. LUNG CANCER IS THE LEADING KILLING CANCER IN THE US!!!! That is only for the US, let alone many parts of the world… Passing this bill for the goverment will cause many Electronic Cigarette using Americans to divert back to traditional cigarettes, that is a big mistake!! Of course that means the government and BIG PHARMA companies get more of their money back… GOVERNMENT BEHIND THE SCENES WILL EVENTUALLY BE EXPOSED BY THE BIGGER PICTURE BEHIND CIGARETTE SALES AND THIS BILL WILL TRIGGER IT IF PASSED. Please support the use Electronic Cigarettes, it has the potential to axe lung cancer deaths at least in half… Proove how an Electronic Cigarette is worse in ANY WAY POSSIBLE compared to a traditional cigarette, then a bill maybe valid. Until then, this is a skeptical issue working behind the scenes produced by government officials. This will obviously also create a black market for Electronic Cigarettes and its components. It really seems like some government officials jumped on their horses too fast when they saw how much money these BIG PHARMA companies were loosing on taxed sales and how a serious increase in population can occur with the decline of taxed tobacco products… I SERIOUSLY HOPE THIS IS NOT THE CASE. VOTE AGAINST SB 882.

    —This is big stuff right here guys. If this bill gets passed in CA I seriously think the public will begin to catch on and the government will eventually be EXPOSED.
    Here are a few things I believe the goverment to be looking at very closely, in best interest for them, and not us American citizens.
    -A large increase in population can occur with the decline of cigarette sales which cigarettes are the #1 cause of Lung Cancer.
    -Lung Cancer is the #1 cause of death by cancer, which cancer is #2 to Heart Disease by all deaths in the US.
    -A large decrease in tax revenue from taxed tobacco products which annually generates an estimated $34,359,861,000.
    -If Electronic Cigarettes cut cigarette and tobacco related sales by 25%, the government would be losing an estimated $8,589,965,250 annually.

    Those things listed look HORRIBLE in the governments eyes and they will do ANYTHING necessary to prevent something like that from happening (Like presenting this BS bill to ban them and for what reason exactly?). Well the government can’t say exactly why because it would be considered INHUMANE BY ALMOST EVERYONE READING IT!! Not all government is bad, but many of the “Top Dogs” and/or select individuals are in a controlling state behind a bigger picture by what was explained earlier. I mean aren’t we all up in arms about why the hell would the government try and ban this? They don’t even have ONE legitamate reason why they should be banned when compared to their cousin, cigarettes.
    This is what I believe to be true about our current government. I’m not saying you should believe it too, I’m just expressing my thoughts and opinions.

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