Health Official Issues E-Cigarette Warning

Lexington, KY - Health advocates think Kentucky should follow Oregon’s lead in stamping out electronic cigarettes. Oregon was the first to ban the sale of the new products, also called “e-cigarettes,” but they are still available elsewhere, including in Kentucky. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is fighting a legal challenge from two distributors after the FDA confiscated product shipments in Oregon.

The battery-operated tubes look a like authentic cigarettes, and they contain nicotine and flavors that can be inhaled without producing smoke. The FDA wants to regulate them as drug devices, while companies that manufacture e-cigarettes call them a safer alternative to smoking. Kentucky state health officials are now warning the devices can actually promote smoking.

Ellen Hahn, director of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy, says e-cigarettes could actually end up creating new customers for tobacco in a state where adult and youth smoking rates are at epidemic levels.

“They’re mistakenly marketing them as a safe alternative to cigarettes, where there are no age restrictions, and so the way they are marketed really does appeal to children.”

Hahn is also concerned by the push from tobacco companies to market variations of dissolvable tobacco products. These tablets or strips are smokeless, spit-free and are often disguised as candy or bubble gum. She says it would be a bad idea for Kentucky smokers, who are trying to quit their habit, to get hooked on alternatives to smoking.

“The thing that scares me most in Kentucky particularly is because we have so many tobacco-dependent people. These products, e-cigarettes and other products, really will derail smokers who actually want to quit and instead they may switch to these products.”

The Electronic Cigarette Association, which represents e-cigarette distributors, claims the products deliver a harmless mixture of nicotine and water vapor.

Most electronic cigarettes reportedly are manufactured in China and the American Lung Association says their health effects have not been thoroughly tested. Also known as “personal vaporizers,” the products have their defenders. A group called the Long Island Vapers Club says there has not been a single case of serious illness or fatality recorded as a result of what they call “vaping.”

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9 responses to “Health Official Issues E-Cigarette Warning

  1. We were just having a discussion about this on Toby Quitter and that is where I found this link.

    Living in Europe I must say I am pretty shocked this is sold without age restrictions in the US (see main article above), is that really true?

  2. I think the government wants to ban it because they can’t make any money on it! I mean it could save some lives, and that’s all they care about is there money! I bought one to help me try to quite smoking. They think if people switch they will lose a lot of money because they tax cigarettes, and if people do they will find a way to tax this because the government are money hungry ass-holes. I have nothing against the government.

  3. You know, I keep hearing this bit about “no age restrictions,” yet every web site regarding electronic cigarettes that I visit has clear wording that they don’t sell to minors. What gives? I mean, if there were no age restrictions on them, why put it on absolutely every web site where they sell electronic cigarettes domestically? To the best of my knowledge there hasn’t been a single credible study that says electronic cigarettes are harmful, let alone more dangerous than real cigarettes, which are legal.

    The government needs to get out of the business of “this is dangerous because I said so.”
    Just imagine the things in society that can be totally eliminated on that basis. And yet, nobody but the electronic cigarette consumers and interest groups are up in arms about this. Are we seriously that apathetic? What the hell is wrong with us, when we refuse to hold the FDA to account on something this important? Why have they not released their data on the subject? Why are they trying to stomp out a technology that is being proven more effective than patches or gum in stopping the biggest preventable health catastrophe in history? Why?

    The FDA is supposed to be about science. If electronic cigarettes are in any way harmful, it should be no problem proving this in an open and transparent scientific process that can be published and replicated.

    And yet, for all the hubub and fear mongering, this simply hasn’t happened.

    As Americans we need to be a little more offended over this sort of thing.
    It’s electronic cigarettes today.

    What do you figure they’ll try to stamp out without scientific effort tomorrow?

  4. Nonsense!

    E-Cigarettes are not geared twords children at all. As a matter of fact, the barriers to entry are quite high. Let’s take for example a mall kiosk that sells ecig kits. The kit itself will cost about one hundred dollars. I am not convinced a kid at the mall wouldn’t instead try to buy some music or games. It would still be more affordable to chide an older friend to purchase real cigarettes for six bucks.

    Online one must have a valid credit card to purchase. I am not aware of any minors that have one. If they try to use a parent’s card, the purchase will be on the statement.

    Some have argued that the flavors would be enticing to minors, but I don’t agree with that. Many unpleasant tasting things come in flavors and do not encourage minor consumption. One example I can think of off-hand is medicine. Just because it comes in cherry flavor does not mean that a child will seek out some kind of medicine.

    The real issue to be considered is this: cigarettes kill one of every two users. Although nicotine is addictive, it is not the harmful part of real cigarettes. The part that is harmful is the inhaling of burning particles. E-cigarettes do not burn plant matter, but turn a liquid into a visible gas. This is much like the steam coming off a hot beverage.

    E-cigarettes are marketed twords existing smokers that want to have an alternative to a 59% chance of death from smoking. Don’t underestimate the potential health benefits to our nation by allowing e-cigarettes to be sold (not to minors). I for one have been a smoker for thirty years. I have tried everything to quit. From patches, gum, prescription medications have all failed me. As a matter of fact, these FDA approved devices have only a 7-10% success rate. I got my e-cigarette and have not touched a cigarette since. My blood press has dropped to normal, I am breathing correctly, and I have energy that I thought only came with youth.

    Most smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes would probably return to smoking tobacco. If the e-cigarette industry can commit to industry wide responsibility by not selling to minors, using non toxic ingredients, etcetera then shouldn’t they be allowed to sell a product that is much less lethal than the one it is replacing?

    Just because parents cannot properly supervise their children is not reason enough to deny the thousands of people who’s lives will be saved by this product.

  5. Joanna Jackson

    I couldn’t disagree more. In my opinion they are far safer than tobacco cigarettes! The e-cig produces a cloud of nicotine-carrying vapor with none of the toxic by-products of burning tobacco.

    It would be wrong to jump to these conclusion without the proper studies being completed. I only hope that the FDA will take this issue seriously and complete the necessary studies. The people here in Kentucky and everywhere deserve a safe alternative!

  6. Advantages of e-sig’s:
    No more carbon monoxide
    No more carcinogens
    No more 2nd hand smoke
    No more burnt plant and or other material glue paper
    No more yellow teeth
    No more bad breath
    No more ask trays and butts

    Disadvantages of e-sig’s:

    What the retards in Washington do not understand is that smokers are moving to this as an alternative and not nonsmokers.
    The product is not marketed as a safe/er smoking chose to start but alternative to cigarettes.

  7. ok ive only been “vaping” for 3 days now but i will say i have not felt the need to pick up a newport!
    Also the website i ordered my website for did not promote underage sales for e cig. It also did not say the “vaping” was safer than smoking…it did say it would make it more comfortable for ppl around you when you “vape” being as there is no smell. Its ridiculous that people want to get rid of something that can actually make it easier for nicotine users to go out and enjoy themselves with out being told what little corner they go to to smoke. In no way do these companies try to promote smoking to people who do not smoke already or to children.

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