Tobacco Industry marketing Death

Big tobacco marketing has influenced most everyone’s life!

Two of the major influences of cigarette smoking behavior are tobacco industry marketing and public health tobacco-control activities.

Tobacco chiefs have been clouted for “trading death” by using pretty young women dressed in orange satin jump suits for to sell their product in well-known bars.

Young women, bringing salvers like those used by ice cream sellers at cinemas, have been going into pubs selling cigarettes.

For example, scientists found that the Centurion bar in Newcastle city centre, allow the girls into the bar in return for a small quantity in commission for each cigarettes packet sold.

The tobacco sales tactic was investigated by Ailsa Rutter, Director of Fresh (the campaign for a smoke-free North East).

Ms. Rutter said: “What this is doing is glamorizing the most lethal consumer product known. But the last thing we need is the loud promotion of cigarettes, which are the region’s biggest killer.”

She argued that there needs to be more orders of an industry which is basically marketing death.

Clients in the bar were near by girls selling cigarettes on special propose (two packets for £6).

The trays were decorated with bright lights, and the girls were wearing bright clothing.

Ms. Rutter reported: “This is another example of why we’ve still got a massive amount of work to do. I’m not having a go at the girls at all, they are just doing their job, but the companies need to be controlled.”

She argued that there needs to be a proper licensing system. And it is needed to be restricting the number of outlets that can sell this product and the Government must do everything in its power to implements this.

The tobacco industry is a multi-billion dollar-a-year industry, and is one of the largest grossing sectors of the economy. That’s why it is very hard to regulate it.

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