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Study shows smoking bans help

Stuttgart, Ark. -

The Electronic Future of Smoking

electronic cigarettes
Do you want all eyes in the room focused strictly on you? Do you want vague potential health benefits? Well, kids, toss out those cancer sticks and replace them with a thin tube of plastic containing a lithium-ion battery that heats liquid nicotine into a stream of vapor. Welcome to the future of smoking.

Health System enacts smoking ban

The University Health System has prohibited smoking on property considered part of the Medical Center, effective today.cigarettes smoke

Sin Taxes on Soda, Alcohol, and Cigarettes

So-called “sin taxes” are fashionable in Congress because they fall on unpopular behaviors and activities. This makes them easier to increase than other taxes and a politically convenient funding mechanism for expansion of government programs.

Electronic cigarettes catch on with consumers

John Wisniewski wonders whether electronic cigarettes will help him stop his 32-year smoking habit.

Flavored Cigarette Ban Takes Effect

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Attention smokers with a fondness for flavor: your Djarum Blacks cigarettes, vanilla cigarettes and packs of Splash are on the out. On Sept. 22, the Food and Drug Administration issued a ban on flavored cigarettes, including clove, candy or fruit flavors. The FDA is also considering a ban on menthol cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products.

Would you buy Brand X cigarettes?

x brand

No-smoking bill now a law

Before you light that cigarette, think again.