Daily Archives: October 2, 2009

Tobacco Issues, Debate and Arguments

Smoke-free laws consistently encounter opposition from a range of organizations and individuals. However, the opposition arguments are normally those promoted by tobacco companies.

Draft Guidance: The Scope of the Prohibition Against Marketing a Tobacco Product

The Center for Tobacco Products is posting a draft guidance document entitled “The Scope of the Prohibition Against Marketing a Tobacco Product in Combination with Another Article or Product Regulated under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.” The availability of this draft guidance will be announced in a notice published in the Federal Register in the near future.

FDA defends against cigarettes makers challenge of law

RICHMOND, Va. - Marketing restrictions in the law giving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authority over tobacco do not violate free speech and serve a greater public health interest, the government said in a response to a legal challenge by two of the nation’s largest tobacco companies.

E-Cigarettes Hit With Class Action Law Suit

A leading seller of e-cigarettes has been hit with a major federal class action law suit, just as it finished warning a judge in another federal judicial proceeding that its “continued existence” was threatened by a growing number of legal actions, including at least one which the company blamed squarely on Action on Smoking and Health [ASH], the national antismoking organization which is leading the legal battle against the sale of this unapproved nicotine administration device.