Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

New rules, new smoke signals

The cigarettes in the royal blue package aren’t Pall Mall Lights anymore. Now, they’re called Pall Mall Blues. Salem Lights, once sheathed in a kelly green box, are now cloaked in pastels and white, and known as Salem Gold Box.
salem green
With the new branding, and use of hues shown to evoke feelings of smoothness and health, a leading tobacco company has revealed a subtle sales strategy for an era of unprecedented federal oversight: Let the colors speak to smokers in the same way the soon-to-be-banned words “mild,’’ “light,’’ and “ultralight’’ did.

Fighting for the Right to Drink Soda

NEW YORK — Depending on what subway car you’re riding in New York these days, you might either see an ad warning that soft drinks are dangerous to your health, or a sardonic opposing ad charging that the government’s campaign against soft drinks threatens your basic freedoms.

Tobacco tax, decrease deficit

With Kansas potentially facing another budget deficit in 2010, Gov. Mark Parkinson has suggested a tobacco tax to generate new revenue. This could be an effective way to close the budget shortfall and encourage many Kansans to live healthier lives.

Tobacco tax-hike campaign gears up

Backers of raising Utah’s tax on tobacco products are preparing to launch a statewide campaign to build support for the effort, which they say would bring in an estimated $76 million.

North Carolina state health plan to penalize smokers, obese

The state health plan in North Carolina, home of cigarette makers Reynolds American Inc. and Lorillard Inc., will shift more expenses to smokers and those who are overweight to try to curb medical costs.

Big step against Big Tobacco

Every day, 3,600 children try smoking and one third of them succumb to life-long addiction to nicotine. Many took their first puff on candy flavored cigarettes designed by tobacco companies to appeal to youth.