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Tobacco Experts Welcome FDA Ban on Flavored Cigarettes, Especially Cloves

Twenty-two-year-old college student Michael Bell is not the only young adult who began his smoking habit with clove cigarettes. And he knows why the Food and Drug Administration recently announced a ban on clove and other flavored cigarettes.
salem green
“Cloves are totally a gateway cigarette, that’s what I used to smoke in high school,” said Bell, who now smokes regular cigarettes. “My friends and I would buy a pack of cloves and sit around and all smoke a pack.”

Real Meaning of the FDA’s Anti E-Cigarettes

On February this year, the FDA got sued by two of the most popular E-cigarette companies in the US- Njoy & Smoking everywhere. They sued for seizing and sending back product stocks shipped from China.
FDA didn’t want the products enter the. WHY?!
FDA, like other federal offices is not driven only by the public’s benefits, there are many other factors than that. Their excuse was the fact the Electronic cigarette is still under inquiry,
by this fact alone- IT’S ILLEGAL for the FDA to stop and seize shipments in the US border but yet- It’s in their power to do so as ridiculous as it is. That was the sue case.

Quebec inmates challenging federal ban on tobacco in prisons

Life without nicotine appears to be softening even some of Quebec’s most notorious tough guys.