Daily Archives: October 13, 2009

The happiest smokers live in Tokyo

While the Japan government was in process of implementing a ban on smoking in public places, a smokers’ haven recently opened its doors in the downtown of Tokyo, Café Tobacco.

Kentucky lawmaker pushes industrial hemp farming

LEXINGTON, Ky. — A Kentucky lawmaker has introduced legislation to legalize industrial hemp as a cash crop and a source for alternative fuels.

Repercussions for duty free as consultation document on tobacco control regulations

ENGLAND. The government today published its consultation document on proposed tobacco control regulations for England (not the UK) that have significant repercussions for the way tobacco products are displayed in retail stores.

Smokeless tobacco is just as addictive and marketed to the young

It’s a misconception that just because you don’t smoke nicotine, it is less addictive and less dangerous than a cigarette.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoes E Cigarettes Bill In California