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E-cigarettes: politically correct political incorrectness?

While the men and women of science often appear to spend the bulk of their time dreaming up novel ways to sink great sums of money into projects with limited utility for humanity at large, every so often they invent something that truly benefits us all. In 1952, the refreshment wizards at Kirsch Beverages figured out how to produce zero-calorie soda. In 1961, G.D. Searle & Company gave us the Pill. And in 2004, a Chinese company called Ruyan created electronic cigarettes.e-cigarettes

Are Safer Cigarettes a Corporate Ploy, and FDA Mistake?

Antismoking advocates recently pushed through legislation that gives the Food and Drug Administration broad new powers to regulate tobacco. The legislation requires that health warnings on tobacco products be larger, bans candy and fruit-flavored cigarettes, and sets other sales restrictions, seen by some as major steps in the campaign to reduce smoking.

Two million Czechs are addicted to tobacco

Prague - Some two million Czechs in the ten-million country are addicted to tobacco, doctor Eva Kralikova, expert in this addiction, said at a press conference of the EC representation presenting an anti-smoking project.

Tobacco industry going up in smoke as new regulations bite

IF you are in business right now you probably wish the Government was helping you a little more. But stop and imagine for a second what it must be like to be in a perfectly legal business where the Government is doing pretty much everything it can to close you down, while still pocketing €2bn a year from what you do.

Some plain talk on cash crisis

ALBANY — Faced with the possibility New York will run short of cash in two months, Gov. David Paterson on Wednesday told legislative leaders he’d like to make his case before rank-and-file lawmakers.

A Silver Lining Clings to Tobacco

The Marlboro Man may not look so tough anymore, but investors shouldn’t write him off. Altria, which makes Marlboros, announced on Wednesday that it had shipped sharply fewer cigarettes in the third quarter than a year earlier. The looming health care reform, meanwhile, could further burden smokers and manufacturers.

State treasury lost $19.5M to Madoff

AUSTIN — The Texas treasury lost $19.5 million through an investment in the Ponzi scheme run by convicted financial swindler Bernard MadoffBernard Madoff.

Indian tax dispute

ALBANY — Gov. David A. Paterson has asked the U.S. Justice Department for a “threat assessment” about possible violence if he were to try to collect taxes on cigarette sales by Indian tribes, including the Seneca Nation.