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Smoking out e-cigarettes

Introduced in the United States two years ago, electronic cigarettes are no longer a novelty item but a popular option for many smokers — especially those who want to quit. Inhaling on the cigarette-shaped device activates a built-in battery, which heats up a mixture of water, nicotine and propylene glycol to give the “smoker” a vapor hit of the addictive substance found in cigarettes — but without the smoke. It even lights up at the other end, mimicking the tip of a cigarette.

Heated debate: flavored tobacco

llegalization of fruit, clove cigarettes necessary legislation, measureflavored tobacco

Caution as more Kenyans take up smoking

NAIROBI, - The war between the tobacco industry and various social organisations has gone a notch higher with lawyers allied to the African Tobacco Alliance and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids calling on the government to tighten its control legislations, to reduce the number of smokers in the country.

Is Smoking Tougher on Women?

Women may be more vulnerable than men to the carcinogens and other noxious substances in cigarette smoke, a growing body of research cigarettes smoking womensuggests.

Cigarettes without the new fire-safety paper have to be gone by Jan. 1, 2010

Several area Indian smoke shops are selling cigarettes without a new kind of fire-safety paper required by legislation enacted last year, a Tulsa World investigation shows.