Daily Archives: October 27, 2009

Diff’rent Smokes for Diff’rent Folks?

A new study by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reveals that 33.6 million full-time employees ages 18 to 64 — or 28 percent of workers — reported they smoked cigarettes in the past month, based on survey data from 2006 to 2008.

Turning smoking into a crime

It’s an odd world we live in: Ontario inmates now have more rights than truckers.

Stricter workplace smoking ban in doubt

A proposal to ban smoking in nearly all Indianapolis workplaces faces an uncertain future after a narrowly divided City-County Council tabled it Monday night.

What Does SuperFreakonomics Have in Common with Old Tobacco Ads?

In their follow-up to the best-selling Freakonomics, economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner exploit the public’s desiretobacco world for an easy fix to global warming and along the way, misrepresent basic facts about climate science.

Indonesian Smoke Is Close but No Cigar

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar — unless the Food and Drug Administration and a congressional committee think it might be a cigarette.

Firestorm over e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are opening a new front in the tobacco wars as state and local lawmakers try to restrict the product, which may allow users to circumvent smoking bans.

Where smokers are a menace

RESPIRATORY infections emanating from tobacco smoking that spans a decade or so is a health hazard in Dodoma Region. A wide range of tobacco preparations including snuff (ugoro) and varieties of crude homemade cigarettes are popular here and other parts of the country. Health complications wrought by tobacco smoking vary from life-threatening pneumonia in children to outright impotence in men. More dangerous narcotic drugs are also prevalent, reports Staff Writer SOSTHENES MWITA.