Real Meaning of the FDA’s Anti E-Cigarettes

On February this year, the FDA got sued by two of the most popular E-cigarette companies in the US- Njoy & Smoking everywhere. They sued for seizing and sending back product stocks shipped from China.
FDA didn’t want the products enter the. WHY?!
FDA, like other federal offices is not driven only by the public’s benefits, there are many other factors than that. Their excuse was the fact the Electronic cigarette is still under inquiry,
by this fact alone- IT’S ILLEGAL for the FDA to stop and seize shipments in the US border but yet- It’s in their power to do so as ridiculous as it is. That was the sue case.

The FDA have completed these days a preliminary test on 19 kinds of E-cigarette cartridges of Njoy & Smoking everywhere (rings a bell…)
They have found ONLY 1 CARTRIDGE that contains Diethylene glycol “in very low levels”.
Same Diethylene glycol is found in tobacco cigarette in high levels, It’s A humectants mixed in the tobacco to keep it moist.
Watch Dr. Sanjai Gupta, Chief medical correspondent on CNN interview:here!

Doctors & Health researchers VS. FDA.
A list of honorable Doctors and researchers have challenged the FDA to provide the full quantitative data of the study upon which the FDA has based the warning Against the Electronic cigarette. The doctors (listed below) has the justified suspicion that the FDA is trying to present the Electronic as a drug and legalize it & by that- to eliminate maybe the only chance of the tobacco smokers for a rehabilitation.
Doctors and researchers of the Group:
Dr. Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health,
Dr. Joel Nitzkin of the AAPHP Tobacco Control Task Force,
Dr. Brad Rodu, Endowed Chair, Tobacco Harm Reduction Research University of Louisville

In a July 22 news release, FDA published in their Electronic cigarette test report- of a detectable presence of an ingredient which is defined as a “toxic chemical” in a “very small amount”.
What the FDA forgets to mention in this test report is that the same “toxic chemical” called nitrosamines is found also in other tobacco cigarettes replacements as NicoDerm & Nicorette chewing gum, both are products approved to be used by the same FDA. I’ll tell you a little secret- Same nitrosamines are found also in beer and in bacon, we’ve checked it- those are also totally legal and you don’t even need a prescription to get them.
The complete results of this study haven’t been made public so now some more groups such as the American Lung Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco Consortium & the Institute for Global Health, can support this warning without getting their hands dirty with an biased and bribed statements as it really is.
Funny thing is these two of these three Groups (Lung Association & American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco) mentioned above are getting sponsored by…. dam right! - the tobacco companies.
Starting to get the full picture?!

“It is absurd to take the electronic cigarettes out of the market when the tobacco ones have been shown to be killing millions every year”
Dr. Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health

“The FDA’s laboratory findings actually indicate that electronic cigarettes are much, much safer than conventional cigarettes,” says Dr. Siegel
It appears that the FDA and the anti smoking groups have failed to ask THE RIGHT QUESTION
Instead of asking IF the Electronic cigarette is safe or not- they should be asking if electronic cigarette are 100 times safer then the tobacco cigarettes- and the answer to this question, by the FDA’s test itself is definitely YES!

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