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Cannabis risks must not be underplayed

The ill-tempered argument over cannabis use is an ideological dispute between those who regard it as an entirely safe herb and those who regard it as a devilish drug likely to drive one mad after a few puffs. Sadly, there is rarely an honest and open discussion on why people enjoy it, what level of consumption is safe, if adolescents are especially at risk and whether certain types of cannabis pose greater dangers.

E-Cigarettes May Be More Effective Than Swine Flu Vaccine

COLLEYVILLE, TX, - According to the Centers for Disease Control, during 2000-2004, “an estimated 443,000 persons in the United States died prematurely each year from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. During 2001-2004, the average annual smoking-attributable health-care expenditures nationwide were approximately $96 billion. When combined with productivity losses of $97 billion, the total economic burden of smoking is approximately $193 billion per year.”

Cigarette Makers: Burning Hot or Up in Smoke?

Philip Morris International Inc. (PM), Reynolds American, Inc. (RAI), Lorillard Inc. (LO), and other cigarette makers may be seeing lower demand and increased government regulation, but their stocks have been among the most profitable and stable during the economic crisis.

Views on drugs classification

Formulating policy in relation to drugs is obviously quite a difficult thing to do. I comment on it, as I always have, from the cigarette smokeperspective of a psychiatrist who is interested in drugs and drugs and the brain.

Backing for drug expert’s revolt

Alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than cannabis and Ecstasy – this was the controversial view that cost the Government’s chief drug adviser Professor David Nutt his job. Here Darren Devine asks whether Professor Nutt is a dangerous radical trivialising harmful substances or an expert who has paid a high price for highlighting the hypocrisy at the heart of Government drugs policy.

Why Do So Many Baseball Players Chew Tobacco?

Chew TobaccoA handful of players on both the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies have played this year’s World Series with a wad of tobacco in their mouths. Have baseball players always used smokeless tobacco?

Japan Considers to raise cigarette taxes to European levels

TOKYO - Japan’s new administration is considering raising cigarette taxes to European levels to help pay for an ambitious domestic spending plan, in a potential threat to partially state-owned zero-style-mint-japan-tobacco.

State’s smoking rate still high

Smoking by women is one of the gravest preventive health concerns in Kentucky. While numerous smoking cessation and public health programs have been initiated to address the problem, Kentucky women continue to smoke in numbers that lead the nation and they are not quitting or even trying to quit, according to health experts at the University of Kentucky.