Daily Archives: November 11, 2009

How to Get Altria’s Stock Rising Again

ALTRIA GROUP IS VIEWED AS ONE OF THE country’s most fearsome companies because of its willingness to use its political clout and legal muscle to maintain the dominance of its domestic cigarette brands.

Imperial Tobacco’s 2009 confirms our thesis

Imperial Tobacco reported solid fiscal 2009 results that confirm our thesis that the firm’s positioning in value categories will give it a short-term performance boost. We are maintaining our fair value estimate.

Film battles policies of industrial food giants

When the phrase “food fight” leaves the lips of the hero of a children’s movie, it always comes with a few exclamation points and waste — lots of lobbed mashed potatoes, smashed tomatoes and flying slices of pizza.

American Medical Association urges review of marijuana prohibition

The American Medical Association on Tuesday issued a cautious but historically significant call to change America’s marijuana marihuanaprohibition laws, urging a “review” of the drug’s status as a Schedule I drug.

Surge in smoking in Africa

DAR ES SALAAM — More Africans risk dying from smoking as tobacco use will double over the next 12 years in a continent where 90 percent of people have no protection against second-hand smoke, experts said Wednesday.

FDA enforces ban on sale of flavored cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent out warning letters this week to retailers, both in the US and abroad, concerning the sale of  camel cigarettesflavored cigarettes. Flavored cigarettes have been illegal to sell in the United States since the passage of congressional bill H.R. 1108 also known as the “Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act”. This legislation was passed in an effort to curb underage smoking by prohibiting cigarettes with fruit or candy flavorings. Tobacco flavors and menthol flavors are still allowed to be sold to the public.