Daily Archives: November 16, 2009

Boomers see views relaxing on marijuana

Smoking pot isn’t what it used to be for Joe Lee, a 62-year-old vintage-record dealer in Rockville.Boomers view

Cigarette industry wants a bigger slice of Asia

BANGKOK, Thailand – Assailed by the western world’s laws, taxes and anti-smoking mores, the global tobacco industry has little Asian cigaretteschoice but to keep pushing eastward into Asia.

Tobacco poison surrounds child workers

The children pick through mountainous piles of waste tobacco and sweep it up with their bare hands into giant bags in the hope of tobacco poison scraping a living. From behind a veil of dust, they stare back at us with bloodshot eyes.

For Some Smokers, Even Home’s Off Limits

The movement to ban smoking in New York City has grown so quickly that no place seems immune — certainly not restaurants or smoke at homebars, and public beaches and parks may not be far behind. Now the efforts are rapidly expanding into the living room.