Daily Archives: November 27, 2009

US Films with Tobacco

Based on 2008 film data, US states allocate an estimated $830 million to subsidize production of films with tobacco imagery. For comparison, this surpasses the $719 million that states state appropriated in 2009 programs to avert teen smoking initiation. Of the $830 million, $500 million subsidizes youth‐rated (PG and PG‐13) films with smoking. In 2008, youth‐rated films shot in the US delivered about half of all the tobacco impressions encountered by US theater audiences. Another
$330 million subsidizes US production of R‐rated films with smoking.

In tobacco-loving Virginia, bars to quit cold-turkey

RICHMOND, Va. — The bluish haze that has hung over the Third Street Diner’s bar and booths for decades finally lifts next month as a new anti-smoking law takes hold in Virginia, a huge shift for a state whose tobacco habit dates to the Jamestown settlement some 400 years ago.

Teenage brains and the harm of cannabis

Is the outlawing of marijuana driving people to drink and a fate worse than getting stoned? That is the claim of one liberal pundit teen and cannabisfollowing a recent high-level row in Britain over the legal status of the drug that the British always call cannabis.

BAT Korea Looks to Gain Leadership via Localization

When a company makes advances into an oversea market, the rule of thumb is that it has to be woven into the cultural fabric of tobaccothe target country through relentless localization efforts.

BAT pays tax to FG, fights poverty by empowering farmers

The British American Tobacco (BAT) has said that it paid N89 billion tax as revenue to the federal government between 2001 and 2009.

New Proposals to reduce Tobacco Stores

For to protect smokers from huffing, scientists proposed a new legislation which will reduce the number of stores in The City thattobacco sale
can sell cigarettes and other tobacco products.