Daily Archives: November 30, 2009

Small Cigars a salvation for Tobacco Companies

The tobacco companies who used produced clove cigarettes recently banned by the FDA with other flavored cigarettes (as they are spice-flavored) found a way to save their profits. Shortly after the latest regulation had entered into force, importers and manufacturers of clove cigarettes introduced their new products – small cigars, resembling cigarettes in size and having cherry, vanilla and clove flavors. The cigars are labeled as manufactured totally by had.

The smoking gun: Tony Blair accused of betrayal

Tony Blair was accused of a ‘gross betrayal’ of the Queen and Parliament last night after it emerged that the Government’s chief law officer warned him eight months before the Iraq invasion that regime change would be illegal.

Indiana has nation’s 2nd highest smoking rate

Indiana has the second highest smoking rate in the nation, with more than one in four Hoosier adults lighting up last year, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Most Emirates already curbing the use of tobacco

In the absence of a federal ban on smoking in public places, individual emirates have introduced their own rules, leading to a somewhat disjointed approach to the problem of tobacco use.

Smoking bans march across region

The District was first to clear the ashtrays from its taverns in 2007. Maryland pushed its smokers outside not long after, in 2008. And on Tuesday, so goes Virginia.

Restaurants prepare for new smoking law

Loyal customers of The Forest, a neighborhood bar and restaurant in South Richmond, like to stop in for a prime-rib sandwich and a new smoking lawbeer, and often a smoke or two.