Smoking Hookah became a Tradition for Teens

The tradition of smoking existed even in the Middle East for centuries. However it turned to become a dramatically popular hookahtendency in the United States and other countries during the last couple of years.

According to a recent study, hookah pipe smoking seems to have gained a power thanks to Florida teens which shows 11 percent of high school students and 4 percent of middle school students have tried it.

As it is known hookah pipes burn charcoal and tobacco and are also known as shisha or smoking water pipe. Smoking hookah is not like smoking cigarettes, because in shisha the air is drawn by the tobacco and into the pipe, where it passes through water. Hookah smokers widely but mistakenly believe that the pipe appears to be a safe alternative to other forms of tobacco smoking.

Tracey Barnett, an assistant professor in the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions’ department of behavioral science and community health said: “Users continue to think that smoking with a hookah is safe because they believe the water in the pipe acts as a filter. Many actually don’t think that shisha has tobacco, while others feel it’s a more pure form of tobacco that doesn’t have as many chemicals, although there’s really no reason to believe this.”

Scientists explained that during a usual 20 to 80 minute hookah session, users could perhaps smoke the equivalent of 100 or more cigarettes. In reality, hookah smoking may contain 11 times more carbon monoxide than a cigarette. And also it seems to have high levels of other carcinogenic toxins and heavy metals than those found in cigarettes. While the water in the hookah pipes does absorb some nicotine, the scientist reported that smokers appear to be exposed sufficiently, causing addiction.

Ms. Barnett declared that there are at least 100 hookah lounges in Florida and most of them have been opened in the past few years. In general, hookah is typically shared in groups and smoked with sweetened, flavored tobacco.

Scientists found that the social nature of hookah smoking attracts young people. And for example an 18-year-old high school senior can’t get into clubs where alcohol is served, but he or she can legally smoke, only because the state of Florida’s minimum smoking age is known to be 18 years.

Scientists also explained that hookah usage rates could possibly be higher among boys, students who told a history of cigarette smoking and those who think that cigarette smoking can lessen stress and help people feel more restful in social situations. They also remarked that rates also rose with each advancing grade. Twelfth-graders seem to have been eight times more likely to have used a hookah as compared to sixth-graders.

Scientists concluded that water pipe smoking could possibly be the first means for introducing nicotine to tobacco-naive adolescents.

3 responses to “Smoking Hookah became a Tradition for Teens

  1. ok this whole paragraph on the dangers of hookah are very very wrong. first off if its as bad as smoking 100 cigarettes then how come my voice doesnt hurt or the fact im not hacking up flem? If what you said is true i would have severe breathing problems right now. Secondly, if its sooo addicting as you said then how come i can control when i smoke it? I usually go months before i think about trying some more start smoking again? What youve researched is bogus and i demand you do more research before saying its worse than cigarettes. It is healthier by comparison and only reason you see it more dangerous than cigarettes is that its a session thats extended more than 10 minutes. Most of these carcinogen’s you speak of are filter through the water not only cooling it but removing other chemical from the smoke. im not saying its good for your health but im saying its not as bad as cigarettes, and you probably get the same nicotine level as equal to a few cigarettes. Please get more factual research before posting.

  2. and another thing, it doesnt burn chatcoal at the top, it burns coals derived from wood or coconut shells. Charcoal would be highly toxic and deadly.

  3. im not saying it best for your health but im saying its not as bad as you make it out to be.

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