Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Obamanomics Ties Obama to Big Business

Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama decried Big Business on the stump and promised an end to politics as usual in Washington. Lobbyists for Big “Fill in the Blank” would no longer hold sway when Obama took over, he promised.

Smoking Skunk Raises Risk of Pyschosis

LONDON - People who smoke “skunk” — a potent form of cannabis — are almost seven times more likely to develop psychotic smoking riskillnesses such as schizophrenia than those who smoke “hash” or cannabis resin, according to research.

Smoking ban at bars and restaurants in Virginia begins

Puffing a Marlboro and sipping a margarita, Patty Turney sat at the bar for happy hour at Norfolk’s Colley Cantina.smoking indoor

America keeps close eye on smoking trends

Following World War II, more than 50 percent of Americans smoked cigarettes before the ramifications of health issues came to the forefront. Since that time, smoking has been on the decline, starting in the late 1960s and accelerating downward in the 1970s.