Daily Archives: December 7, 2009

Coal will be much harder to quit than tobacco

As world leaders gather Monday in Copenhagen to rewrite energy policies to reduce future carbon emissions, Lexington coal industrybusiness leaders have rewritten their energy policy to try to help the coal industry cling to the past.

Electronic cigarettes under fire for targeting Arizona kids

PHOENIX - In a hidden camera investigation, the ABC15 Investigators found Arizona electronic cigarette kiosk salesmen e-cigarettesselling their nicotine device to kids.

WHO rips traditional use of chewing tobacco

THE traditional use of chewing tobacco as a morning sickness remedy may damage the health of thousands of Cambodian newborns chewing tobaccoevery year, a new World Health Organisation (WHO) study warns.

Majority of tobacco retailers comply with tobacco age law

State officials this week touted a new survey that showed Kentucky retailers have reached record-level compliance with a state law tobacco shopsthat prevents tobacco sales to minors. However, Kentucky’s youth still rank second highest in the nation for smoking, and smoking among Warren County teens is even higher than the state average.