Daily Archives: December 16, 2009

Tobacco Firms Await Japan Tax

Increase Could Hobble Japan Tobacco, Philip Morris and BAT as Government Tries to Curb Cigarette Smoking

Iran’s Smoking Nuclear Gun

Could this finally be the smoking gun? In the United Kingdom, The Times has revealed that it is in possession of an Iranian document discussing plans to construct and secretly test a “neutron trigger.” If the document is legitimate (there has been no official word yet confirming that, but it’s certainly being taken seriously) then Iran would finally be out of excuses. Their intention to build a nuclear weapon would be obvious to the whole world.

Global cigarette consumption has been rising steadily

Since James Bonsack invented the first cigarette rolling machine in 1881 global cigarette consumption has been rising steadily. There has also been a rise in the devastating effects of smoking. According to the third edition of Tobacco Atlas, all forms of tobacco are addictive and lethal. Scientific evidence also confirms that smokers face a very high risk of death from many cancers, respiratory diseases, stroke and many other fatal infections. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals in the form of particles and gases. Out of this number, about sixty of such chemicals cause or are suspected to cause cancer.