Daily Archives: December 22, 2009

China’s tobacco industry

Mengcheng doesn’t have the ring to it that Havana or Montechristo have. But for what this modest city in Anhui Province cigareteslacks in Caribbean romance it has in ambition, aiming to make its mark on the world with high-quality cigars. In true China style, rows of serious-looking female workers in grey overalls, hair in disposable white caps, roll brown tobacco leaf into fat fingers which are then shipped to another assembly line to be clipped, smoothed and stamped and boxed as Wangguan (“crown”) cigars, which are then sent across China and the US to be sold.

E-cigarettes under Fire for Selling Devices to Kids

Using a hidden camera, reporters of the ABC15 Channel visited several malls in Phoenix and other Arizona cities, and found e-cigaretesmany of them are selling the electronic smoking devices, known as electronic cigarettes to adolescents.