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What is Obama smoking?

Apparently, the debate over the economy is over, and it’s settled science that government spending stimulates growth. womanAt least that’s what President Obama wants you to believe. On CBS’ “60 Minutes” on Dec. 13, he boasted, “What we now know, and every economist who’s looked at it will acknowledge this, is that [the stimulus] helped us [stem] the panic and get the economy growing again.” Mr. Obama’s exaggerations are starting to sound a lot like Al Gore’s claimed “consensus” about global warming - a formerly hot topic that has cooled down recently.

For businesses, new smoking ban leaves many questions

Even as Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a smoking ban into law, local bar owners continue to seek answers on what exactly the new regulations mean for their businesses.

National study showing steady decline among ‘big four’ U.S. cancer killers

The National Institute of Health, along with the American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, Centers for Disease Control and be safePrevention and North American Association of Central Cancer Registries published the study last week showing the declines in deaths and diagnosis from numerous cancers.

Massachusetts Antismoking Plan Gets Attention

BOSTON — When Massachusetts began offering virtually free treatments to help poor residents of the state stop smoking in 2006, smoking cigarettesproponents hoped the new Medicaid program would someday reap benefits.

Teen use of beer and cigarettes down, but marijuana use is up

For the first time in more than a decade, marijuana use is on the rise among teens, according to a federal survey on teen drug use marijuana usereleased this week.

San Francisco may expand smoking ban

San Francisco, which was at the vanguard of the anti-smoking movement more than a decade ago when it became one of the first Francisco SanAmerican cities to bar people from lighting up in the workplace, now is poised to enact much tougher restrictions on smoking in public places.

European Consumer Prices Rise Less Than Estimated

European consumer prices rose less than initially estimated in November as lower food and housing costs offset increases in alcohol european consumer pricesand transportation.

Takes Additional Steps to Prevent Underage Electronic Cigarette Use

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.-The leading global electronic cigarette brand NJOY is calling on other companies in its new and burgeoning e- cigarettesindustry to adopt higher standards for preventing access to and use of electronic cigarettes by people under the legal age to smoke.

Tobacco Firms Await Japan Tax

Increase Could Hobble Japan Tobacco, Philip Morris and BAT as Government Tries to Curb Cigarette Smoking