Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

Tobacco: bad for you, good for the planet?

It may be bad for your health, but it appears that tobacco might yet prove good for the environment.

Quitting smoking and diabetes risk

“People who give up smoking are prone to developing diabetes because they gain weight,” The Times reported. It said a study has found that quitters are twice as likely as smokers, and 70% more likely than non-smokers, to have type 2 diabetes.

Philip Morris Pushes Smokeless

Tobacco giant Philip Morris USA Inc. is urging the Food and Drug Administration to adopt a regulatory plan that would encourage smokless tobaccosmokers who can’t or won’t quit tobacco to switch to less-harmful smokeless tobacco.

D.C. moves to curb sidewalk smoking, youths’ access to tobacco

The D.C. Council voted unanimously Tuesday to enact far-reaching proposals to curtail smoking by giving store owners a tool to young smokingprevent smoking on public sidewalks and by assessing new penalties on anyone younger than 18 who possesses tobacco products.