Daily Archives: January 14, 2010

Big tobacco distorted EU treaty

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - One of the biggest tobacco manufacturers in the world led a group of chemical, food, oil, pharmaceutical and other firms in a successful long-term lobbying strategy to shape European Union policy making in their favour, a new study says.

State sues electronic cigarettes retailer

Sacramento - They look and may even taste like cigarettes, and their manufacturer claims they are a safe, tar-free alternative to the cancer-causing real thing.

Cigarette tax wars continue

NEW YORK – There was no let up last year in the ongoing cigarette taxes war between the state of New York and Indian nations with tobacco economies.

Big tobacco kicked big bucks into Utah politics

Big tobacco companies contributed $67,000 to Utah office holders and their political action committees in 2009, as lawmakers wrangle over whether to nearly triple the state’s cigarette tax.

Reform State Film Subsidies

Who is bankrolling all those kid-rated movies with smoking? It turns out that almost every taxpayer in America, Canada, the UK and Europe help finance US film productions with smoking.