Daily Archives: January 18, 2010

New Worldwide Company with Focus on Cigars

STOCKHOLM-Swedish Match AB has signed a letter of intent with Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) to form a company (the Combined Entity) combining the tobacco businesses of STG with the premium and machine made cigar businesses of Swedish Match (with the exception of the US mass market cigar business). This follows a strategic review of Swedish Match and is consistent with the goals of becoming the global smokefree leader while developing the cigar business to be best in class. The Combined Entity would also include the pipe tobacco and accessories businesses of Swedish Match, as well as distribution of lights products in relevant markets.

Tobacco’s plea - no big US payments

WASHINGTON — Tobacco industry lawyers met secretly with Solicitor General Elena Kagan in an effort to avoid the government’s last-ditch attempt to extract billions from companies that illegally concealed the dangers of cigarette smoking, The Associated Press has learned.

Smoking, obesity top state health issues

Topeka — Smoking and obesity are the top health challenges facing Kansans.

Ohio weighs crackdown on violators of smoking ban

As far as the state is concerned, it’s time for recalcitrant smoking ban violators to pay up.