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Electronic Cigarette Wholesaler Empowered After U.S. Judge Decision Against FDA

On the eve of one of the most important and influential decisions to hit the United States of America within the last decade, electronic cigarettes now have a chance to leap forward and compete with the tobacco empire. This, in itself represents a tremendous opportunity for investors looking to make big bucks from a once struggling e-cigarette industry. Opportunity amongst uncertainty speaks front, right and center for this little company out of the United Kingdom. Up until January, the uncertainty aspect undoubtedly outweighed the two factors, however, times have changed drastically since then. The headlines couldn’t be more foretelling of the unmistakable opportunities lying within Mobile Media Unlimited Holdings (OTC:MMUH). For readers who are new to the company, we recommend you read our introductory company article entitled, “Landmark Victory for E-Cigarette Industry Against the FDA Leaves Plenty of Opportunities“, written and introduced by our Publisher, Michael Vlaicu. The first article was from a much more technical standpoint, gearing towards those chart scanning, number crunching fanatics out there. Consequently, this one will take a look at the fundamental business model, as well as the economic conditions surrounding the company and its future prospectus.

Cigarette use in county’s youth above the average

According to the Indiana Prevention Resource Center’s 2008 survey of school students, Montgomery County students in grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 reported above state average use of cigarettes - making it about one in every five students in these grades that smoked on a regular basis. While the state’s youth tobacco use rates have been on the decline between 2003-2008, use of cigarettes is still a significant issue for Hoosier teens.

Tobacco, texting, trans fats all subject to new state laws

State capitols across the nation are in growing agreement about the need to legislate against threats to public health, including texting, trans fats and tanning beds.

Slippery slopes of tobacco

Tobacco leaves, fetching high prices ranging from Rp 20,000 to Rp 100,000, have transformed Temanggung regency into a tobacco-producing center, with many local farmers — who have lived in the mountains for generations — eking a living out of this crop.