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Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful and mysterious period in every woman’s life. The expectation of a miracle that will become the sense of pregnancy smokingyour life, who will be all for you and, finally, who will change completely your life is impossible to describe. Still, it is quite difficult state. During this period of time, woman has to think not only of herself but also of her baby. Women give up their vicious habits in favor of their future baby. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many women who do not seriously take their situation and continue to live their previous life.

Smoke-Free Policy Triggers Strange Debate

The decision by a Tennessee hospital not to hire smokers is apparently provoking some controversy, even though both private firms and governmental bodies have been doing it for more than 30 years, several courts have held that it is both legal and constitutional, and an ever growing number of major companies have similar policies, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, the father of the movement who recently debated the issue on Fox News.

Arguments in Tobacco Case Center on Preclusive Effect of Factual Findings

In a lively and complex Gordian Knot of an argument before a federal appeals court on Tuesday, lawyers for the nation’s largest tobacco companies wrangled with attorneys for a woman whose husband died of lung cancer over whether factual findings in a 2006 Florida state case may be applied in some 4,000 federal death and injury suits.